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Soda Pop Special: 1990 Mustang 7UP Edition. This cars interior looks to be in great shape and the sporty Mustang buckets show little signs of wear. The presence of a 5speed stick in the console is a nice surprise, and according to the seller, just over 1, 300 7Up editions came with the rowityourself option. This 7Up edition is aDid Ford Make a 7 Up Edition Mustang in 1990? When someone refers to a 7 Up Edition Mustang, theyre most likely talking about the limitededition 1990 model convertible Mustangs originally intended to be part of a 1990 Mustang giveaway contest presented by 7 Up Bottling Company. 7 up mustang specs

The classexclusive active valve performance exhaust lets you control the volume of the Mustang exhaust. If youre leaving for work early in the morning, set it for Quiet Start. Need an energy boost when youre leaving work? Select the Track setting. Other modes include Normal and Sport. Now available on all EcoBoost engines.

This page contains information about the 7UP Connection and production of the '90 Limited Edition Mustang Convertible: The 7UP Connection The 7UP Bottling Company was to give away thirty of these cars at the 1990 National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball finals in the United States. 7 Up Mustang Specs. The 7 Up Mustangs were LX convertibles equipped with the famous Fox body era 5. 0L V8 engine, delivering around 255 horsepower. All cars were painted with Fords distinctive Deep Emerald Green clear coat metallic paint and featured a white leather interior and a white convertible top.7 up mustang specs Once upon a time, the 7Up Bottling Company had a marketing ideato give away 30 Mustang 5. 0L LX convertibles, all painted Deep Emerald Green, in a nothing but net type contest at the 1990

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The 7Up Mustang. In 1990 Ford produced 4, 301 Special Edition convertible Mustangs, some of these Mustangs were to be given away in a 7UP NCAA cross promotion that never was. These cars are often still dubbed the 7Up Mustang. This is a spectacular specimen with 51, 000 original miles, and nearly all original equipment. 7 up mustang specs During the 1990 Mustang model year there was one very unique model called the 7 Up model. Supposedly, The 7UP Copmany was going to give away several of these cars at the NCAA basketball finals as a contest. What Is The 7 Up Edition Mustang? The 7 Up Mustang was a special edition Mustang made for a contest for the soda company 7Up. The contest was cancelled at the last minute, leaving Ford with 4, 103 special edition Mustangs which they decided to sell as is, giving birth to the 7up edition Mustang. Similar to the 1990 7Up Mustang, for 1992, Ford produced 3, 333 special Springedition ( ) LX 5. 0 convertible with a Vibrant Red exterior and Oxford White leather interiors. Also for 1993, Limited Edition models featured a Chrome Yellow exterior with black or white leather interior, or a Vibrant white exterior with white leather interior. Apr 07, 2015 Rare 7Up , emerald green 5. 0 LX convertible mustang in great condition. Bought in 2003 as a restore project, I put a lot of time and money fixing it up, but have lost interest and it has been parked in my shop, under a cover, for the past 5 years.

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