Titleist 983k speeder shaft specs

2019-09-23 00:38

I have a 983K driver with a ms Speeder Fujikura ( Exclusively for Titleist) SFlex shaft. Bubba Providence, RI. April 07, 2014 at 12: 58 PM. Hi Terry, The Titleist Speeder is a mid weight shaft with a weight of 78 grams in the Sflex. It has a midhigh kick point and is designed for low launch and spin. but now that I know it has a lowGeneral. I recently went back to my Titleist 983K which has a stiff Fujikara(? ! )Speeder shaft. I can make it work pretty well but have a feeling a different shaft would suit. titleist 983k speeder shaft specs

Head Size(s): 983K (365CC), 983E (350CC) Shafts: Titleist 4560, Graphite Design YS6, Aldila NV 65, Titleist ProLite by Grafalloy, Titleist Speeder by Fujikura.

Too stiff a shaft for your swing, or too few degrees of loft, and you simply wont get sufficient launch angle to maximise the length of your tee shots. While this is true of all drivers, it seems particularly so of the 983. There are four standard shaft offerings provided by Titleist for the 983K. Aside from the stock Titleist 4560 shaft, the Graphite Design YS6, the Grafalloy ProLite and the Fujikura Speeder are offered. Additionally, any one of several dozen performance shafts may be custom ordered from Titleist.titleist 983k speeder shaft specs I have had several Titleist drivers, but always go back to my 983k. I have noticed that the Titleist stock Fujikura Speeder (R, 75 grams) shaft that came with it no

Titleist 983k speeder shaft specs free

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