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2019-09-22 19:18

Specsavers. It would be written as follows: Vision express. Here the additions are placed away from the rest of the prescription, it would be written as follows: More unusual figures. Sometimes figures like this appear on your prescription. These are not needed to make your lenses. Some prescriptions have this figure, which looks like a sideways 8.Browse a wide range of glasses and frames online at Specsavers. Find your local store and request an appointment online. Understanding hearing loss Hearing protection Offers Download an information sheet FAQs Prescription sunglasses. Find out more. Frame features. Learn about some of our innovative design features. specsavers prescription understanding

The number might be very small, like 0. 25, or a large number, like 6. 00. The higher the number, the stronger the prescription lenses required. This can influence your choice of frames. The higher the prescription, the greater the curve of the lens needed.

Understand what the SPH, CYL, Axis, Prism and Base figures mean in your prescription. If you're unsure, visit your local Specsavers store where we can answer your questions. Find out more about how do I understand what my glasses prescription means. Search for more frequently asked questions about contact lenses, glasses and eye care at Specsavers.specsavers prescription understanding Confused about your glasses prescription? Watch our helpful video in order to understand what all the different abbreviations mean. Eye Health information @ Specsavers.

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May 03, 2012 Specsavers senior optometrist, Dr Nigel Best, explains what the categories and numbers on your glasses prescription actually mean. More details on our website: https specsavers prescription understanding Understanding what the numbers mean can help you to input the information correctly, select your lens type and consider the most suitable options. Entering the information is very easy and is simply a matter of copying the numbers from your prescription into the appropriate boxes. Watch our helpful video in order to understand what all the different abbreviations mean. Skip to main content. Clear. Find glasses using an image Your glasses prescription explained. Specsavers optometrist Dr Nigel Best explains the numbers and words on your prescription: Understanding your prescription At the end of your eye test, you'll be given a prescription which will usually be valid for two years. The different numbers and abbreviations it contains detail the condition of your eyes and the prescription required. Understanding Your Prescription. Ordering Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses. 1. Obtain a copy of your prescription. Before you place an order, you will need a copy of your prescription from a previous eye test. Just ask the optician who issued your glasses prescription

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