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Sep 29, 2009 LRP Z. 28R Spec. 3 Truggy 1. 87 @ 27, 200 rpm 70. 77 ozin @ 25, 600 RPM Max 42, 800 rpm Not trying to discredit the lrp 30 by any means just telling you to ignore factory specs all are poop Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2009Apr 04, 2007 RE: lrp Z. 28R Spec. 3 hey superb, Thats fine mate, I agree that a STS when broken in and tuned perfectly may beat a 3 spec, but quite a few people rush their break in's and dont get the full performance from their sts. lrp z.28r specs

LRP America Press Hartson& Jenson double at JBRL Electric Series Rd4. Steven Hartson takes the win in 2wd and 4wd at Round 4 of the JBRL! ! ! As well as Tyler Jones teams up with LRP. LRP have announced the signing of young and talented Tyler Jones to the

LRP Z. 28R Spec 3 Engine with PullStarter, glow plug, tapered collet, slide valve carburetor, instruction sheet. REQUIRES: Fuel: 25 nitromethane car blend, do not exceed 30 nitro content Air Filter: Foam type with 14mm15mm base to fit carburetor Exhaust System: Size and type depends upon vehicle Oct 29, 2008 The LRP. 28 is a decent motor for the, but don't expect it to be a rocket ship. If all you are going to do is bash, then you will not likely notice the difference between a high dollar race motor and what you already have, other than maybe a little more top end.lrp z.28r specs This is the Associated LRP Z. 28R Spec 3 Engine with PullStarter. For use with 18 scale offroad buggies and monster trucks such as the Associated MGT ASCC0389.

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Associated LRP Z. 28R Spec 3 Engine with PullStarter, glow plug, tapered collet, slide valve carburetor, instruction sheet. Slide valve carburetor, 8. 5mm venturi with ball link on throttle ABC piston and sleeve construction, (Aluminum piston with a Brass sleeve that is Chrome plated) SG (pilot) type crankshaft, 13. 0mm from tip to threaded area Fork shaped aluminum connecting rod with double lrp z.28r specs LRP Z. 28R Spec 3 Nitro Engine wPull Start I have installed this engine on my RC8 and have about a gallon of 33 fuel through it. Break in was easy, started out of the box with no problems. LRP Z. 28R Spec. 3 Truggy engine. Only when the ambient temperature is below 10C, a LRP Platinum Iridium R5 (No. ) plug is used. responsibility for the accuracy of these specs. Package your product carefully and include sales receipt and detailed description of mal Buy your LRP Slide Carburator Set Spec. 3 Z. 28R (LRP ) at RC Planet and save on all our LRP parts and accessories. But the least of them are as successful as the LRP Z. 28R Spec. 3 Pullstart. Its wins are uncounted. LRP. 28 heavyduty crankcase specially reinforced for tough Monstertruck racing applications. Reinforced conrod. Specs. Number of ports 81. Exhaust Rear. Bore

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