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2019-12-05 16:51

AMD Radeon R9 285 Tonga Graphics Cards From Various AIBs Pictured Features XDMA CrossFire Technology. This suggests that the Tonga GPU is highly efficient and AMD took this approach due to NVIDIAs recent Kepler launches which turned out to deliver great performance at absolute low TDPs of 65W (GeForce GTX 750 series). Videocardz has popped the lid on AMDs upcoming Radeon R9 285Video Card Specifications. Supercharge your cinematic gaming experience with the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 285 AMP! Edition. Take extreme highdefinition gaming and the latest DirectX 10, OpenGL 2. 1 and PhysX enabled games and applications to uncharted levels of performance with the tweaked and tuned ZOTAC GeForce GTX 285 AMP! Edition. The ZOTAC zotac gtx 285 specs

Details about PC Graphics Card ZOTAC ZT285E3LGFSP GeForce GTX285 1GB 512Bit GDDR3 PCIE 2. 0 Be the first to write a review. PC Graphics Card ZOTAC ZT285E3LGFSP GeForce GTX285 1GB 512Bit GDDR3 PCIE 2. 0

Specifications Note: The below specifications represent this GPU as incorporated into NVIDIA's reference graphics card design. Graphics card specifications may vary by Addincard manufacturer. Release Date Dec 23rd, 2008 Generation GeForce 200 Production Endoflife Bus Interface PCIe 2. 0 x16zotac gtx 285 specs Apr 06, 2009 As you are no doubt aware, the GTX 285 is a replacement for the GTX 280. The GT200B GPU at the heart of the GTX 285 is nearly identical to the GTX 280's GT200 GPU.

Zotac gtx 285 specs free

Zotac GTX 285 AMP! is producing more performance, less heat and consumption than the latest GTX 280 GPU and within the 702 MHz Core Clock and 2592 MHz Memory Clock, AMP! Specifications. GPU. GTX 285AMP! Edition. CUDA cores. 240. Video Memory. 1024 MB. Memory Bus. 512bit. Engine Clock. 702 MHz. Memory Clock. 2592 MHz. PCI Express. Yes. zotac gtx 285 specs January 2009 has been a busy time for Nvidia with the launch of two new highend cards: the dualGPU GTX 295 and the single unit 55nm GTX 285. Neither card, however, covered itself in glory. Zotac's Infinity Edition GTX 285 provides higher clock speeds than any other GeForce GTX 285based graphics card you can currently buy. The specifications displayed above have been carefully compiled, however Hardware. Info is not responsible for possible errors. No rights can be derived from the specifications. Hardware. Info recommends that you contact the seller about the specifications prior to making a purchase. Compare to the HD 4890 from HIS, the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 285 has clearly won the test.

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