Remington r 25 308 specs

2019-08-18 21:11

Available in. 243 Winchester, 7mm08 Remington, and. 308 Winchester, Remingtons latest centerfire, the R25, is a gasoperated ARstyle semiautomatic rifle. All but the barrel and dust cover are cloaked in Mossy Oaks Treestand camouflage pattern.Remington R25 Range Test While Eddie set targets 100 yards from the bench, I got handson intimate with my R25. The upper and lower receivers are machined from aluminum forgings. remington r 25 308 specs

The Remington Model R25 is semiautomatic gasoperated rifle manufactured by Remington Arms. The R25 is Remington's attempt to join the AR market. It features a freefloating ChromMoly fluted barrel and is modeled after the classic AR10. [1

Jul 10, 2014 Class: SemiAutomatic Rifle Action: SemiAutomatic Stock Options: Full Mossy Oak Treestand Finish: Carbon Steel, Synthetic, Matte Accessories: CaseSling Swivel Warranty: 2Year Limited Unloaded Available in 308 Win. Based on GII technology, the R25 is designed and optimized to be the most versatile big game Modern Sporting Rifle on the planet, while delivering all ther hair splitting accuracy you'd expect from Remington.remington r 25 308 specs To address this problem, Remington borrowed the basic features of the GII from its sister company, DPMS, and used them to build the new R25 GII modern sporting rifle that is chambered in either. 308 Winchester, . 260 Remington, . 243 Winchester or 7mm08.

Remington r 25 308 specs free

Dec 07, 2010 Interestingly, Remington opted to make the R25 available three additional calibers, all based on the 308 Winchester case. The R25 is configured to allow users to switch between 7. 62mm NATO. 308 Win. , . 243 Win. , and 7mm08 Rem. , simply by switching upper receivers. remington r 25 308 specs Remington R25 MultiCaliber SemiAuto AR10 Crossover Rifle for Tactical AND Hunting Applications. Remington Model R25 MultiCaliber Rifle FeaturesSpecs: Remington R25 MultiCaliber SemiAuto AR10 Crossover Rifle for Tactical AND Hunting Applications by David Crane Remington R25 MOD RPT 308 20 FL MOTS 9 Reviews Questions& Answers. Model: . Remington 4 1 308 Modular Repeating Rifle20 FlutedMossy Oak Treestand. SPECIFICATIONS: Finish: Black: Action: I bought the R25 in. 308WIN specifically for hunting deer and hogs. This is my fifth firearm purchase from Buds. Remington R25. 308 Gun Nuts Media And now for the other. 308 caliber rifle I'm looking at, the Remington R25 in. 308. I actually had the opportunity to handle this gun a couple of years ago at the NRA Annual Meetings in Kentucky, and I was generally impressed with the rifle. Remington Firearms R25 GII 308 Winchester SemiAuto 308 Winchester7. 62 NATO 20 41 Synthetic Mossy Oak BreakUp Infinity Stock Black FFL must be registered and on file. If the FFL is not on file it will often take additional time to ship.

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