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2019-11-22 19:01

This is the operator's manual for New Idea's 486 Round Baler. This manual contains all the information to run your 486 baler.NEW IDEA 486 ROUND BALER MANUFACTURER: WhiteNew Idea Farm Equipment Co. 123 West Sycamore St. Coldwater, Ohio DISTRIBUTOR: WhiteNew Idea Farm Equipment Co. Box 677 2201 1st Ave, Regina, Sask. S4P 3A3 (306) RETAIL PRICE: 17, 779. 00 (March, 1988, f. o. b. Portage la Prairie, Manitoba) with electric tie and optional trip gate and crop retainer. new idea 486 specs

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Aug 14, 2009 I don't have any idea what a good first round baler is, but I bought my first at a farm sale this past winter. It's a New Idea 486, gave 1600 for it. After I bought it and reading up on it I really got worried I'd made a big mistake buying a soft core baler but I've made 54 bales with it so far and have got along just fine. Up for online auction we have a New Idea 486 Round Baler that was consigned to us by a local farmer. It makes 5x6 bales and is manual twine tie. It is missing a couple ofnew idea 486 specs Re: new idea 486 round baler in reply to ron wis, 16: 53: 39 A closed throat baler runs all of the hay between two rollers. An open throat baler has a space

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Jul 06, 2010 New Idea 486 Round Baler discussion in the Implement Alley forum at Yesterday's Tractors. new idea 486 specs New Idea 485 Round Baler. My first round baler was a New Idea. It made 4x4 soft core bales. They will only make bales of dry hay, so you cannot use them to make wet wrapped bales. And I do mean DRY hay, damp hay will plug the pickup almost every time. They are a fixed chamber baler, so there are not as many moving parts. New Idea 486 round baler. 540 pto, twine tie, very straight pick up, good belts, approx. 3500 total bales! chains and sprockets 85, baler monitor and wire harness included! Straight baler all around. The Avco New Idea 486 was tested in a heavy crop of mixed alfalfa and bromegrass which had been cut with a 14 ft (4. 3 m) mowerconditioner. Average crop yield was about 2. 4 ton ac (5. 3 tha). Total leaf loss ranged from 11 when baled at 9 hay moisture content NEW IDEA 486. Round Balers New Idea 486 5x6 round baler, twine, fixed chamber.

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