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Year Type: M22 Rings: None Spline: 10 Tooth Count: 26 Year Type: M22 Rings: None Spline: 26 Tooth Count: 26. Please note that there are 7 different Muncie input shafts. All 26 spline inputs came with 32 spline output shafts and all 10 spline inputs came with 27 spline output shafts.If you have a Muncie with a similar character after the date, can get a photograph of it and KNOW whether it's an M20, M21, or M22, please pass it along. 1968 Date stamped P8P27 for Muncie, September 27, 1967 and partial VIN of 18K. muncie m22 specs

How to Identify a Muncie Four Speed: Build Date Codes, VINs, and Input Shaft A close look at the Chevrolet Muncie M20, M21, and M22 fourspeed transmissions. REVIEWS& SPECS

STRONGEST Direct Replacement M22 With NEW Muncie AUTO GEAR SUPER CASE With The Strongest M22z ULTRAWIDE RATIO 4 SPEED TRANSMISSION. A GREAT HEAVY DUTY ROCKCRUSHER FOR YOUR CAMARO, NOVA, CHEVELLE, CORVETTE, GTO, 442. Chevrolet Muncie Transmission Parts M20, M21, & M22 Muncie (General Motors) 4speed longitudinal transmissions were developed in three distinct models The Muncie M20 wide ratio manual transmission, the Muncie M21 close ratio manual transmission and the Muncie M22 heavyduty close ratio manual transmission.muncie m22 specs Muncie countergears had the same number of teeth on first, second, and thirdspeed sections. The progression of the 10spline input identification groove system. From left to

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Identifying Muncie 4 Speeds. Several things are needed to identify a Muncie correctly. The first is a main case casting number. Second a count of the input shaft and output shaft splines and if any rings or grooves exist around the input shaft splines. A M22 gearbox has a 20 degree helix angle on the gear set as opposed to a 45 degree muncie m22 specs The Spec 25 transmission is based on our replacement line of Muncie M22 style 4 speed transmissions. It comes only with a GM style 1. 125 diameter by 26 spline input shaft. The output shaft is 32 spline. The main uses the standard General Motors bolt pattern found in all Muncie, Super T10, Saganaw, and GM T5 transmissions. The 2. 56: 1 ratio is referred to as the M20. Muncie also had a second closeratio transmission coded M22 and known as the rock crusher, which was used behind performance bigblock engines and in some Corvettes. These M22 units are highly soughtafter for performance applications. Muncie 4speed Manual transMission asseMBlies, Gears& parts HiGH perForMance AUTO GEAR EQUIPMENT GENEA MOTOS MUNCIE 4SEED a10 Mainshaft Bearing support assy# : aluminum 3831 752 3831 752 M22 ( ) 3924 796 NOTE: These TWO (2) Gears used WITH Mainshaft 1st Gear Sleeve and WITHOUT Mainshaft Contact us for any of your Muncie 4 speed needs. Only one pair of hands build your special Muncie 4 speed so it is done right the first time to your specs. We are in business to serve you. Complete automatic to muncie 4speed conversion swap kits for GM cars available.

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