Matchless g80 engine specs

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AJS Model 18& Matchless G80 development. The recipe for the AJS Model 18 was straightforward enough. Stirup a long stroking, 82. 5mm x 93mm, 498cc, single cylinder pushrod engine. Peel an iron head and barrel for durability and cost control.Same machine as the AJS model 18, the G80 was manufactured from 1949 to 1963. The bike had a single cylinder, four stroke engine of 498cc and a compression ratio of 5. 9: 1. matchless g80 engine specs

Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Matchless G80S Clubman in 1949 the model with standard body and 498 cm3 30. 4 cui engine size, 17. 5 kW 23. 8 PS 23. 5 hp of power, 4speed manual powertrain offered since 1949.

Les Harris Matchless G80. Launched in 1987 by motorcycle spares businessman, Les Harris, and designed by Brian Jones, a new Matchless G80 single was released powered by an Austrian Rotax 4stroke, single overhead cam (SOHC), 500cc engine. G80 In the early 1950s, the most popular British fourstrokes were still pushrod singles. The Matchless G80 is typical of this era. The earliest G80 is sometimes referred to as a G80L, the L signifying Teledraulic forks, rather than girder forks. The magneto on an AJS was in front of the cylinder, and the Matchless magneto was behind.matchless g80 engine specs In 1905 Matchless began manufacturing motorcycles using a J. A. Prestwich VTwin engine, and by 1912 the company was producing its first complete inhouse machine. For the next two decades, Matchless built motorcycles in singlecylinder and VTwin configurations ranging from 500cc to 1000cc.

Matchless g80 engine specs free

AJS Model 18 Matchless G80 500cc Single Buying Guide. came two decades later as the Harris Matchless which combined a Rotax engine and 1980's tech. Pleasingly peppy, freerevving and with naffall flywheel effect, it feels nothing like a trad Brit thumper. Kickstarting can be tricky, so look out for ones with the electric button for an matchless g80 engine specs Do you have information about a Matchless competition G80? with de numbers Frame Engine 5832 Ther are not other numbers on the engine its an originel Matchless. Thanks for reply Matchless G80 TCS Typhoon Specifications Its believed that Matchless made just 125 of the TCS models, almost all bound for the U. S. each was fitted with a Matchless version of the big bore kit and fed by an Amal GP 1 38 carburetor, and the engine is a preunit with a separate 4speed gearbox.

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