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Oct 11, 2010 i just need to find all the torque specs for the engine, more then anything the one for the rods and head I've never seen any info on the rb20 head in the fsm. All the block specs are there but nothing for the cylinder head. Maybe i'm blind. Top. edward644 Posts: 54 Joined: Tue Aug 21, 2007 4: 28 am Car: nissan 240sx kouki 2jzgte swap.Feb 22, 2017 RB20 Vs SR20 engine specifications RB20DET engine specifications The RB20DET was first introduced in 1986, fitted into the R31 Nissan Skyline (the GT Passage, GTS Turbo, GTSR, GTSR and GTS Autech variants). rb20 engine specs

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Nissan RB20DET engine reliability, problems and repair. In 1984 the legendary Nissan RB series appeared. RB20 became its first representative. It is the smallest RBengine, the substitution to old L20. The Nissan RB Engines The Nissan RB engines are ledgenary for their ability to rev freely also for there relability and the ability to make big power. This page is a guide to show you what engines are avavliable. also some of the stranger variants that people have made using therb20 engine specs Aug 09, 2006 The RB engine is a 2. 0 L to 3. 0 L straight6 piston engine from Nissan. (206 kW) on paper, according to Nissan factory specs. In reality it produces more than this, but it is underestimated because all main Japanese car manufacturers have a gentlemen's agreement not to produce cars with engines exceeding 206 kW. i was a nissan tuner for

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The Nissan RB26DETT engine can produce over 276 horsepower. It is a 2. 6L inline6 cylinder engine that was built for the Nissan Skyline GTR. All of the RB series engines, including the RB26DETT, were manufactured in Yokohama, Japan. RB26DETT Performance Specs. The Skyline GTR engine is every tuners dream. It offers excellent stock rb20 engine specs NISSAN RB26DETT NUR. Continuing the previous car engine specs listing is the Nissan engine guide. The most famous engine from Nissan is of course the RB26DETT used in the Skyline GTR. With twin turbo 2. 6 liter inline six cylinder, this car can handle more than 1000bhp. Other favourable Nissan engine in Malaysia includes the SR20DET, SR16NEO, RB20DET and RB25DET. Jun 12, 2006 sure the engine can see 425whp without much modification but the 10, 000 pricetag for a 26 swap you could fully build a 20 or 25 and see 600whp. all engines are blueprinted thats the list of specifications found in any service manual that is used when the engine is assembled. Mar 30, 2017  15 Revealing RB20DET Specs Every Fan Should Know 30th March, 2017 in Editorials We dive into Nissans RB20DET specs to find out exactly what this engine is capable of. May 23, 2009 rb20det Engine variations: The rb20det came in two different forms, the earlier red top with the NICS system and the newer silver top version with the ECCS system. The red top is the earlier version of the rb20det and came as standard with the r31 skyline, z32 fairlady and the nissan laurel, whilst the r32 skylines and nissan cefiro came with

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