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Drill pipe mechanical properties and specifications. Workstrings International. All rights reserved. Our Terms and Conditions for use of this website apply.Our rental tools eliminate ownership costs, supplement existing inventory, and comply with industry and regulatory specifications. weatherford drill pipe specs

We sell new, used and reconditioned drill bits for oil, gas, water, and geothermal wells. We also sell bits and tools used in undercrossing applications. API Casing Dimensions

drill pipe, drill pipes, API drill pipes. Drill Pipe Specifications Drill pipe data tables The following tables provide data for the drill string. Data are given for the pipe body, tool joint, and drill pipe assembly. The tool joint sizes displayed represent common O. D. and I. D. configurations, although additional size com Custom specifications andweatherford drill pipe specs Sour Service Products Grade Technology Select an option Advanced Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe Commercial Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe Customized Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe IRP Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe NACE Testing Reduce Sulfide Stress Cracking (SSC) Heavy Weight Sour Service Grade Drill Pipe

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specifications ( smith ) note: this table is a guideline only contact customer and or manufacturer specs. for current information including minimum wall thickness and tool joint o. d. s inspection weatherford drill pipe specs Run all size pipe by using 12 reducing inserts from 2 38 to 5 12 O. D. pipe, drill collars and tools. Special size inserts are standard with a full face teeth pattern (teeth all the way from end to end). Fine tooth inserts are also available as a special order. PART# DESCRIPTION# REQUIRED WEIGHT EACH API Bowl 1 600 lbs. Weatherford Fishing Tool Manual January, 2003 Cardinal Rules of Fishing 1. Know your dimensions: A. O. D. , I. D. length of the fish B. O. D. , I. D. length of the fishing tool assembly C. O. D. , I. D. length of the work string D. MOST IMPORTANT Know where the top of the fish is 2. Know all tensile& torsional strengths of everything you runin hole. 3. Weatherfords latchon drillpipe centralizers, when properly placed, are designed to optimize innerstring cementing operations by centralizing drillpipe, even in horizontal applications. Drilling Tools Catalog. OSS 1. OSS 2 Contents Varco), Weatherford and IOT. With the opening of the companys 8th satellite workshop in Institute Standard (API), namely API Specification Q1, API Spec 71 with API Monogram license. Regional presence in AsiaPacific. OSS 4

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