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Spendor S8e Once I had the opportunity to explore the Great Organ at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. This Aeolian Skinner's 8000 or so pipes live in two huge attics above the choir lofts on both sides of the main apse.Spendor makes their own midrange and bass drivers inhouse, but producing tweeters is an entirely different process. Some companies, like Focal, make woofers and tweeters in separate facilities. I've seen men and women making woofers, but only women assembling tweeters. spendor a6 specs

Spendor BC1 loudspeaker Submitted by sdone on September 28, 2013 3: 58pm I did not have this loudspeaker, but the stand on which it is sitting in the photo is the Speaker Upper, a very nice sturdy stand for such speakers.

Jan 14, 2009 Spendor A6 review These are brilliant speakers for the money. Their sound is a classleading combination of insight and naturalness Tested at 1895 Spendor was founded in the late 1960s by Spencer and Dorothy Hughes the Spen and Dor in the name. Spencer applied the knowledge and expertise hed gained as an engineer in the BBCs sound engineering department to create his first loudspeaker, the BC1.spendor a6 specs Indeed, despite its rigid structure, the A6 only weighs 18kg far lighter than you expect when you go to pick one up. The tweeter is the familiar Spendor version of the 29mm SEAS ringradiator design, its faceplate enhanced by a sophisticated elliptical waveguide.

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The D7 also features the latest iteration of Spendors Linear Flow port, a twinventuri, tapered baffle element, located behind the speaker terminal plate just above the plinth. Sonically, the Spendor conveyed a fullthroated presence, an upfront energy, and near fullrange frequency and dynamic potency. spendor a6 specs this requires very good electronics and cables to give the great Spendor sound! I listened several speakers before this: ProAc, B& W, Tannoy, Monitor Audio Studio 20, Avalon, but never never like this! When I was offered a pair of speakers for review from Spendor, renowned speaker manufacturer since 1969, I simply had to take advantage and hear for myself the state of British HiFi today. Stay Connected. Spendor A5 Floorstanding Speakers. Brian Florian July 30, 2009. Floor Standing Speakers. Jul 06, 2017  Spendor A4 review: the A4s are excellent speakers combining Spendors traditional strengths with a generous dose of entertainment read the review at What HiFi? Aug 19, 2010  Spendor A6 A worthy successor to the S6e, this speaker adds extra refinement on several fronts The A6 does impose a little of itself on the sound, but

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