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The main difference between the XR8 and XR6 Turbo is the engines. The XR6 Turbo is powered by the I6 Turbo engine, producing 270 kW 533 Nm. Early estimates indicate the car will go from 0100 in just a tad over 5 seconds. But this is yet to be confirmed.All car manufacturers Ford specifications BF series 2005 Ford Falcon XR6 BF specifications Tweet. 2005 Ford Falcon XR6 BF. This automobile has a 4 door saloon (sedan) body style with a front mounted engine powering the rear wheels. The Ford Falcon XR6 is one of the BF model family from Ford. 2005 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo BF. 4 door sedan bf xr6 turbo specs

Sep 09, 2008  BF mk I. 6 speed manual or 6 speed auto. Same rods. Larger diameter rotors& bigger calipers. Driveline shunt. BF mk II. 6 speed manual or 6 speed auto. Same rods as Typhoon, can handle more power. Same brakes as BF mk I. You guessed it, free driveline shunt.

Ford BF MkII Falcon XR6 Turbo. June 13, 2007. story. photos. story. photos. There are performance vehicles from Ford and there are Ford Performance Vehicles This is one of the former Ford Falcon (BF) XR6 Turbo Specs. The power is transmitted to the road by the rear wheel drive (RWD) with a 6 speed Manual gearbox. About chassis details responsible for road holding, handling behaviour and ride confort, the Falcon (BF) has Double wishbones. front suspension and rear xr6 turbo specs Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo is a car that has a 4 door saloon (sedan) type body with a front located engine powering the rear wheels. The Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo is one of the BF range of cars from Ford. Its engine is a turbocharged petrol, 4 litre, double overhead camshaft 6 cylinder with 4 valves per cylinder.

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Ford Falcon (BF) The changes to the sixcylinder engine further decreased the engines already low noise and vibration while increasing power from 182 to 190 kW (244 to 255 hp). With the BF, Ford introduced a sixspeed automatic developed by German company ZF and Bosch. The XR6 Turbo got a power increase to 245 kilowatts (329 hp), bf xr6 turbo specs 2006 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo 6speed (BF) (man. 6) (model up to October 2006 for Australia ) specifications& performance data review Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo 6speed (BF) (man. The BF series is available in the entry level XT sedan and wagon, Futura sedan and wagon, performance models XR6, XR6 Turbo and XR8, and the long wheelbase models Fairmont, Fairmont Ghia, Fairmont G8 and LTD. The BF utes come in XL, XLS, RTV, XR6, XR6 Turbo and XR8. The world of Australian performance sedans has a new king, and its name is the XR6 Turbo. Just take a look at the acceleration figures, and then look again: zero to XR6 Turbo Models. The XR6 Turbo engine varies from its atmo cousin by employing revised pistons (dropping the static compression ratio from 9. 7 to 8. 7: 1), slightly modified conrods and Inconel exhaust valves. The turbo system comprises a stainless steel exhaust

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