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Mathews combines superior materials and engineering with rigorous testing to set the industrys highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Every product we make isMike Ziebell at Mathews said, It seems like people are leveling out at 34 to 35 inches. Specs for the Trophymaster are similar, but the length is 35 inches, and IBO speed is 308. Both have Sim. s LimbSaver dampeners in the riser, and both are dressed in Custom Realtree Hardwoods camo. New for 2003 is the MaxXtreme in lengths of 32 and mathews z max specs

Black Max 2 Cam Chart This is the cam that powers the Mathews Black Max 2, the fastest bow on the planet! It delivers maximum speed with minimum kick and is available in either 80 or 60 letoff.

Mathews Inc. , founded 1992 in Austin, Minn. , by Matt McPherson and Joel Maxfield, manufactures archery equipment, bows and accessories. Archery and bowhunting enthusiasts who own or are planning to buy a Mathews bow may need to know its age for a variety of Mathews archery company info including address, phone numbers, website link and product specs. Product specs are for current and discontinued compound bows.mathews z max specs Mathews SoloCam bows have a 10 pound weight reduction range from your bows peak weight (example: if your bow has a peak weight of 70 pounds, you can adjust it as low as 60 pounds). 32 Allen wrench. Turn the limb bolt clockwise to increase the draw weight and counter

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Code Model String Length Code Model Cable Length 3H 3D Hunter96 14 3H 42 18 VX 3D Vapor95 58 VX 41 38 U2 Black Max93 18 M1 38 58 B2 Black Max 292 78 B2 37 34 mathews z max specs Sep 23, 2009 The MaxCam on my ZMax has 3 posts on each side. By using matching numbers on both side, the draw length is adjusted in 12inch increments without changing the nock point position. By using mismatched numbers the draw length is adjusted in 14inch increments. However, this will change the position of your nock point. ZMax was a great bow a decade ago, but it is a very old Matthews. The Max was a very fast single cam, made prior to harmonic dampeners and short axle to axle configurations. He's asking way too much, if he were to try to sell it at an archery shop he wouldnt get 100 or less for it. Play hardball and you'll get him to sell it cheaper. . Sep 07, 2012 I have been shooting a Z max for 15 years. It was THE speed bow when it came out. I bought a Mathews EZ7 for this season. I bought one for my 15 YO son first, and really liked it. Oct 13, 2005 There's another archery shop about 30 miles away that IS a Mathews dealer (at least he was when I bought the bow there back in '98), and I may have to take it back there to figure this out. Edit: Here's the specs for my ZMax.

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