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In the 1950s Gibson recommended a distance of 116 (1. 6 mm) for their PAFs in both neck and bridge position, and for both the bass and the treble sides of the pickup. Today Gibson recommends 116 (1. 6 mm) for the bridge pickup and 332 (2. 4 mm) for the neck.Overview. In Part 1 of the Guitar Setup Series, we adjusted the truss rod to set the neck relief. In Part 2, we will fine tune your string height so your guitar is perfectly tailored to your playing style. To do this, we will measure your guitar necks action and adjust it for both Fender and Gibsonstyle bridges. gibson les paul setup specs

1. A Gibson Les Paul. This one is a model H90 that I refretted with 6105 stainless steel frets. All guitars need setup work from time to time, especially if they undergo other related repairs such as fretwork. 2. A Good Setup is subjective, a series of well calculated compromises that achieve optimal playability for the individual guitarist. That said, its important to make the adjustments in a specific order as the

Thank you! The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Just set up my new Epiphone Les Paul Ultra PRO, and lowered the action to playability with the proper intonation. The neck was (thank you, God! ) nice and straight so I didn't need to do the truss rod. Jun 03, 2011 Is there an official Les Paul setup guide by Gibson? Discussion in 'Gibson Les Pauls' started by chillaxboi, Jun 3, 2011.gibson les paul setup specs Mar 05, 2016 A quick setup guide for Gibson and Epiphone guitars including neck relief and stringpickup height. Joe Walsh Les Paul Set Up Full video Mix Les Paul: Quick Setup Specs YouTube; Setting

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The 2008 Les Paul Standard is one of the first models from Gibson USA to utilize the revolutionary Plek machine in setting up the guitar. The Plek is a Germanmade, computer controlled machine that carefully measures each fret, along with the fingerboard height under each string, and then automatically dresses each fret, virtually eliminating string buzz and greatly improving the overall playability of the guitar. gibson les paul setup specs The Gibson Les Paul is the guitar of choice for many guitarists. Before playing, you must set up your guitar. String your guitar under your actual playing conditions. If you typically use a different gauge string than the standard strings from the factory, you may have to adjust the specifications for string buzz and intonation. Adjust the archive. gibson. com Oct 24, 2009 Les Paul Factory Setup Discussion in 'Gibson Les Pauls' started by TreeHugger, Oct 21, 2009. New 2015 True Historic Specs Create a Stunningly Authentic 1959 Les Paul Reissue With the True Historic range, Gibson Custom commits to a fanatic level of detail accuracy to bring you as close as possible to owning an original 1959 Gibson Les Paul.

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