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9637 Aftermarket 625 CFM AFB electric choke carb, with Ford linkage 9800 Aftermarket 800 CFM TQ electric choke, GM linkage, 'spread bore' manifolds. 9801 Aftermarket 800 CFM TQ electric choke, Chrysler linkage, 'spread bore' manifolds.Carter AFB for Studebaker. The Carter AFB (Aluminum Four Barrel) was the second four barrel carburetor produced by Carter, after the WCFB. AFB's appeared in 1957 and were used as original equipment on most makes of car at one time or another up to 1971. The last notable OEM application was as a dualquad setup on 1971 Dodge 426 Hemi engines. carter afb carburetor specs

The AFB (Aluminum Four Barrel) carburetor was produced by Carter for original equipment cars from. The AFB was then available as a high performance 9000 series carburetor

Feb 22, 2015 This AFB was regarded as one the best Carter Carburetor combinations for the HP Chevrolet engine. Though rated at a tad lower in CFM's than the 1962 thru 1964 AFB 680 CFM, this Carburetor was an excellent unit for the HP Engine. Performance Recommendations To 'richen' this AFB by 12. 3, . 071 Secondary Jets were recommended. Carter Competition Series AFB Specs Posted on August 21, 2017 November 10, 2018 by Allstate Carburetor Once again Allstate Carburetor is providing what has been lost or left behind in the information world of Carter Competition Series AFB Specs.carter afb carburetor specs Carter introduced the AVS in 1966. Chevrolet used it on the 275 horsepower 327. The acronym AVS meant air valve secondary. Basically, the first incarnation of the AVS was an attempt to place the demand spring tension secondary on the squarebore AFB style carburetor. From a

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Carter AFB 9000 Series Carburetor Kit 625 CFM 750 CFM. We carry carburetor kits for most Carter AFB carburetors. carter afb carburetor specs Identifying Carter AFB Four Barrel Carburetors. If the carb part# exactly matches the basic part# then its setup for Chevy linkage. If the last number is 1 greater than the basic part# then its setup for Chrysler linkage. If the last number is 2 greater then the basic part# then it is for a Ford. 9625 Chevy 625cfm, 9626 Chrysler 625cfm 9627 Ford 625cfm. The Carter AFB is offered in a range of sizes, from 500CFM to 750CFM. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. This is a measure for the amount of air that will flow through the carburetor at wide open throttle while a specified amount of vacuum is maintained below the throttle plate. Feb 10, 2015 Carter Carburetors 1962 Chevrolet HP AFB# 3345SA Rated @ 710 CFM's Throttle Body Sizes. . 1 58 x 1 1116 Venturi Sizes. . 1. 343 x 1. 562 For the 'Special HighPerformance' HP with 11. 0 Compression Ratio, 'special' HighLift Mechanical Camshaft and 4Speed only cars.

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