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View all new& used Beech Musketeer (Sport Sundowner Sierra) Single Engine Piston aircraft for sale at ASO. com. Compare price and specifications of all Beech Musketeer (Sport Sundowner Sierra) models in our listings.The Beechcraft Musketeer in reality is a very fine aircraft. It is roomy, quiet and flies very well and is built with Beechcraft quality control but it is a low priced Beechcraft and who wants to spend the rest of their ownership life explaining why they bought the Musketeer Sierra and not the top selling Bonanza. beechcraft musketeer specs

The new names for these aircraft were Beechcraft Sierra A24R (formerly Musketeer Super R), Sundowner C23 (formerly Musketeer Custom) and Sport B19 (formerly Musketeer Sport). The fourth aircraft in the former Musketeer line, the Super, was discontinued at the end of 1971 after a

Aircraft performance stats and information for several Beechcraft Aircraft. Beechcraft developed the Musketeer family as a lower cost, lower performance four seater below its Bonanza, which would compete with the Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee. The prototype O320 powered Musketeer flew in October 1961 and Beech added the type to its sales range in 1962.beechcraft musketeer specs The Musketeer family was developed by Beechcraft as a lower cost and lower performance four seater than the Bonanza, intended to compete with the Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee. The prototype Model 23 first flew on 23 October, 1961.

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If Williams has any model envy, it would be for the Beechcraft Sierra 200, another refugee from the Musketeer family, with retractable gear and a 200hp engine that produces 145kt cruise speeds. But now you're talking twice the money. Williams is quite happy with his Musketeer Sport. beechcraft musketeer specs Beachcraft Aircraft for sale at Barnstormers. com. Find hundreds of classified ads for new& used Beechcraft Airplanes updated daily by Beechcraft dealers& private sellers. The Sundowner served for years as the mainstay of the Beech Aero Club network. As such, the airplane has gained a reputation as a stepping stone to Beech Aircrafts dream machines, the Bonanza and Baron. Aircraft performance stats and information for the Beechcraft A 23 Musketeer aircraft. Beech Beechcraft Travelair Musketeer Sierra Sundowner aircraft specifications history and performance

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