Vortech v1 sc trim specs

2019-11-19 10:24

At SuperchargersOnline we get tons of questions on what is the difference between a Vortech V1, V2, V3 Trim, etc What does it all mean? Vortech superchargers label their compressors in names such as V1 SiTrim, V3 SiTrim, V2 Sitrim, or V1 TTrim.Vortech SCiTrim The SCiTrim is one of Vortechs smaller type superchargers. These are commonly found in smaller displacement engines and some entrylevel supercharger kits. The SCiTrim does come in a V1, V2, and V3 transmission. Vortech SiTrim The Vortech SiTrim is by far Vortechs most commonly used supercharger. vortech v1 sc trim specs

Oct 22, 2008 Pulley sizes for Vortech V1 Atrim. Titanium grey 91 notch stock 302 HCI vortech Atrim 10. 5 psi. best 18 mile 7. 61 @91. 5mph 1. 66 60' If you search a little you can find the specs on the Atrim, and from your max rpm and pulley sizes you can calculate the max blower speed.

Vortech V1 HD Ti Supercharger The supercharger of choice for streetstrip vehicles with modified engines. Fits engines up to 825 horsepower. 950 HP Peak Efficiency: 75 Performance specs apply to units equipped with heavy duty gearcase. Dimensions Discharge OD: 2. 75 Inlet OD: 3. 75 Discharge ID: 2. 38 Inducer Diameter: 3. 51 The This standard rebuild kit is for Vortech V1 Sc trim or V2 Sc, Sci trim or V3 S, Sc, Sci trim Superchargers. It includes everything you need to rebuild your Vortech yourself. Two matched highquality thrust bearings for the impeller shaft, two bearings for the inputdrive shaft, and two seals, including one of our special highperformance 928 Motorsports mechanical face seals.vortech v1 sc trim specs 30 rows V1 SC Supercharger: Std RPM 20 PSI 1000 CFM 680 HP 75 3. 5 2. 75 V2 S Supercharger: Std RPM 20 PSI 1000 CFM 680 HP 72 3. 5 2. 75 V2 SC Supercharger: Std RPM 20 PSI 1000 CFM 680 HP 75 3. 5

Vortech v1 sc trim specs free

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