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Jan 30, 2013  Viewing inquiries for 042E7004. Inquiry# 2: Will Caltrans allow a C33 contractor to bid this project as the prime contractor. Response# 1: Submitted for consideration. For a project in District 1 through 6 or 10, you may request them from the Office of Structure Maintenance and Investigations, faxThe Office of Construction Contract Standards develops and revises construction contract standards that include the Standard Specifications, Standard Plans, Standard Special provisions (SSPs), Standard Item Codes, Bid Book, and the Notice to Bidders. caltrans plans and specs

STANDARD PLANS U. S. CUSTOMARY UNITS. The California DOT (CALTRANS) Standard Plans digital files on these pages are in DGN and PDF formats. The DGN files have been compressed (zipped) to facilitate faster download times from the site. GENERAL

This map shows all of Caltrans current projects. Click on any marker to get project details as of January 1, 2019. You may need to widen your web browser for the best Plans (aka Standard Plans andor Project Plans as applicable) Refer to the definitions under Standard Specifications and Plans later in this section. Project Plans The project plans are specific details and dimensions peculiar to the work and are supplemented by the Standard Plans insofar ascaltrans plans and specs Caltrain Standard Specifications September 30, 2011 DEMOLITION conformance to Caltrans Standard Specifications, Section 152. 02B and 152. 02C. D. Disposal: Refer to General Provisions 7. 16, Disposal of Material Outside of the Work Site. 1. Do not store

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Planning and Design Manuals. Landscape Architects use a wide range of Caltrans manuals to create projects that comply with State and Federal regulations. The list of manuals below provides links to sections of Caltrans manuals most commonly used by Landscape Architects. caltrans plans and specs Feb 05, 2013 Inquiry# 10: Will the parking lot addition and the Lover's Lane reconstruct construction be done following the Caltrans plans and specifications, or will they follow the City of Visalia Standards? Inquiry submitted. Response# 1: Submitted for consideration. California Bridge Construction Forum. The California Bridge Construction Forum is a partnership between Caltrans Structure Construction and Bridge Industry Contractors of California. The specific intent of this forum is to improve communication and encourage collaboration between contractors and Caltrans in improving processes and standards. Publisher: California Department of Transportation. The Caltrans Standard Plans are the graphic standards from the State of California Department of Transportation. This reference is filled with large drawings that show everything from the placement and specs of temporary crash cushions and overhead freeway signs to planting and irrigation details. Department's Standard Specifications. The 2015 edition of the Department's Standard Plans was primarily developed by using the 2010 edition of the Department's Standard Plans. The various lists of abbreviations throughout the standard plans were 2015 STANDARD PLANS DIGEST.

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