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In a nutshell, American Bass designs and manufactures topoftheline audio equipment that is intended for truly discerning customers. The technology it utilizes is cutting edge and provides the highest performance in every product, whether it be American Bass subs, American Bass amps orThis item American Bass HD2500 2500 Watt Mono Block Car Stereo Amplifier Hifonics ZRX3216. 1D Zeus ZRX Series Mono Block D Class 3200 Watt Vehicle Amplifier Hifonics BRX2016. 1D Brutus Mono Super DClass Subwoofer Amplifier, 2000Watt american bass 500.1 specs

Nov 28, 2016 American Bass VFL500. 1 American Bass VFLCOMP 1511 2. Specs: AMP5000 watts rms at 1 ohm. . 5 stable daily on music and. 25 burps. Some have run even lower SUB4 inch 8 layer precision econowind dual. 9 coil, 2000 rms, dual stiff linear roll spiders, direct connects, dual leads, 450oz 10in triple stack motor 3. of all items:

American Bass is a manufacturer of highend car audio equipment& accessories such as subwoofers, amplifiers, and installation products. We have been in business for over 25 years and weve become worldrenowned for our quality products. If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Amplifiers specs database licensing page. Home Gadgets Amplifiers American Bass VFL 500. 1 Specifications American Bass VFL 500. 1 specs (Meet Gadget)american bass 500.1 specs Established back in 1991, American Bass is a widely recognized audio brand in the staging lanes at all levels of sound competition, and has been responsible for setting several world records over the years.

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Jan 14, 2010 Specs: 1 x 1400W @ 4 ohms (14. 4V 1 THD) 1 x 2650W @ 2 ohms (14. 4V 1 THD) 1 x 3200W @ 1 ohm (12V 1 THD) American Bass VFL 500. 1 Car Audio Classifieds! Car Audio Classifieds! Car Audio Classifieds Marketplace Rules Strictly Enforced Amplifiers Mono Amplifiers american bass 500.1 specs Jul 30, 2013 Item(s) for Sale: american bass vfl 500. 1 7000 watt amp, with 2 yr warranty, biught in july used a few times and put back in original box, all papers and bass knob, all Multipurpose HTML5 Themplate. VFL 500. 1 FULL RANGE Features. 1 Ohm Stable Class D Mono Block Amplifier; Low Level Input and Output vfl 500. 1 amplifier; vfl 1100. 1 12 volt (12, 500 ) amplifier; vfl 1100. 1 18 volt (14, 500 watts ) amplifier featuresspecs i ohm stable d class mono block amplifier low level input and output variable low pass filter: 35hz250hz at 24dboct variable bass boost: 09db at 45hz remote gain controller two amplifiers linkable Description Specs Rated 4. 55 Reviews Iconic Style and Hefty Bottom End at a Bargain Price. The bestselling contemporary version of the 5001 Hofner Violin Bass Guitar offers those wanting to own the world's most iconic bass the chance to do so at a very attractive price. A recreation of the 1964 version, the Hofner Contemporary Violin Bass

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