Tc 3000 subwoofer specs

2019-11-18 14:12

TC Sounds designs and manufactures the highest output, lowest distortion subwoofer drivers in the world. Period, end of story.Dec 11, 2008 Hi, I just received a tc sounds 3000 DVC 15 sub with the black cone for home theater use. The guy that sold it to me on Ebay bought it on May 2007 and looks to be in great condition. I paid 300 including shipping. tc 3000 subwoofer specs

I have two 15 TC3000 Q1. 4 that I don't use anymore. Light use in a home theater, so still in excellent shape with not a lot of usage time on them. Figured there'd be more interest here in the car audio forums.

Aug 09, 2008 Tc Sounds Tc3000 15 By AI James, March 13, 2008 in Product Reviews Post a review on a product you have first hand, personal experience with. Find best value and selection for your 4 TC Sounds Audiopulse Axis TC3000 15 Subwoofer Sub search on eBay. World's leading 3000 subwoofer specs Sep 14, 2011 Yeah, sorry for another versus thread, but Ive settled it down to these 2 subwoofers. Ive searched everything I could on the Fi BL (with cooling options) and on the TC3000 and needed a final answer in terms of SQL.

Tc 3000 subwoofer specs free

TC Sounds Axis 15Q1 15 Quad VC Subwoofer Unleash your music with room to spare with the Axis 15Q1 15 subwoofer. The AXIS is designed with high motor force, long excursion and very high power handling to provide loud deep bass in the mobile environment, or any environment where small enclosure size and ultrahigh SPL are required. tc 3000 subwoofer specs

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