Vortec 8100 cam specs

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Big Block. 1L '01'09 Camshafts Lifters Pushrods Rocker Arms Valves, Springs& Components Duramax. 6L '00 4& 6 Cylinder LS Gen IV 1Bolt LS Gen IV 1Bolt w VVT LS Gen IV 1Bolt w AFM LS Gen IV 1Bolt w VVT& AFM LT1 Gen V 1Bolt w6. 0 Vortec Performance Specs The Gen III LQ4 engine was capable of achieving 300 horsepower at 4400 RPM and 360 lbft at 4000 RPM, while the LQ9 was rated at 3 45 hp at 5200 RPM and 380 lbft of torque at 4000 RPM. vortec 8100 cam specs

This is a hydraulic roller cam, and should drop right into place of the stock one. The firing order will be changed back to the classic. Well a few weeks later I come across a 2001 Vortec 8100 engine for a very killer deal. This picture taken before I fired up the 8100 with the new cam. GM DIS coils on top of the intake

Vortec 5300 5. 3L V8; Forum main. FAQ; Cam Spec's from CamMotion. Chevy Truck Forum Silverado Sierra GMC Truck Forums. The cam specs for the cam I just put in are. I have the 08 5. 3 as well. So I put it in and now a couple of my cylinders don't have compression. I got too excited and put it in without changing any of the Vortec 8. 1: Tuning Potential. The Vortec 8100 isnt super impressive in stock trim, but its designed for heavy duty work. Like I said earlier, standard big block parts wont fit on the Vortec 8100, so the performance parts available for it are close to none. However, this is one company who offers some very interesting Vortec 8100 parts.vortec 8100 cam specs Nov 15, 2008 GM Vortec 8100, Allison, 4. 56's, 4X4, Dodge style limited slip rear diff, Eaton ELocker front diff, GM OD Lockout button kit. Go mods: HP Tuners, E85 fueled, Volant, BBK 80mm TB, Marine Injectors, Bosch Fusion Iridium Plugs, Magnaflow 3 dual in Xpath dual out, BFG on H2's, Velvet Ride Shackles, Helwig rear antisway bar.

Vortec 8100 cam specs free

8. 1L Vortec Horsepower and Torque Curves. 2006 8. 1L Vortec V8 Horsepower and Torque Curve Chart. 8. 1L Vortec vs 6. 6L Duramax. Sheer displacement contributes largely to the 8. 1L's relatively high peak torque rating, which came within 50 lbft of the Duramax diesel in the early model years. vortec 8100 cam specs While Dodge and Ford added cylinders to get the necessary displacement, for the Vortec 8100, GM simply took the venerable 454 bigblock V8 crankcase and gave it a shot in the arm. Raylar has developed 10 camshaft profiles for the 4968. 1 engine after extensive dynamometer testing on various combinations of our aluminum CNC cylinder heads, Vortec Big Block, . 1L, 2001 Duramax. 6L, 2000' Present: Chevrolet 6 Cylinder: Camshaft Spec Card Search: While our online cam spec card database is maintained to the best of our ability, COMP Cams has produced thousands of cam designs over the course of our history; therefore the exact cam youre searching for may not be Jun 11, 2018 So, the Vortec is an excellent heavy duty engine. It nearly matches its diesel brother in torque and beats it in horsepower. But, due to its heavy weight, it is rarely swapped into hot rods.

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