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Aug 10, 2012 The Newfoundland Govt sprang for a couple of new CL 415 water bombers this summer, in the traditional and now somewhat famous 'peas and carrotts' paint scheme.The primary internal difference between the CL415 and the CL215T is an EFIS avionics suite included in the CL415. About Viking Air Ltd. Viking is the Canadianbased, global leader in utility aircraft services and manufacturer of the worldrenowned Series 400 Twin Otter. canadair cl-415 specs

Description: The Bombardier 415 multirole amphibious aircraft receives its heritage from the Canadair CL215 developed in the 1960s. More than 142 CL215s have been sold worldwide. Bombardier 415 aircraft's design responds to a high wing, amphibian, turboprop airplane intended for firefighting.

CL415s have a fight manual limitation of operating (takeoff or landing) from an airstrip no higher than 10, 000 Pressure Altitude. Fuel Jet A. Fueling by truck is preferred; however, nontruck The Canadair CL415 (Superscooper, later Bombardier 415) is an amphibious aircraft based on the Canadair CL215 and designed specifically for aerial firefighting, built by Canadaircanadair cl-415 specs The primary improvement added to the CL415 over the CL215T is an EFIS avionics suite, while other improvements, some of which first appeared on the CL215T, include winglets and finlets, higher weights and an increased capacity firebombing system.

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1) Canadair CL416 Bombardier 415 Tanker 278 CGOGZ, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Dryden Regional Airport 2008 Comments Due to small parts that could cause a choking hazard please kee away from children 3 years of age and younger. canadair cl-415 specs This is a radio controlled, nitro gas powered, AlmostReadytoFly, 80. 7 Canadair CL415 Version 2 RC Seaplane. It is newinbox. Detailed information, specs, operating cost, features and pictures of the Bombardier 415 CL 415 415 MP amphibious aircraft. You may also choose to view all other current aircraft The Canadair CL215 is a twinengined firebomber and utility amphibious aircraft produced by the Canadian manufacturer Canadair Ltd. and later Bombardier Aerospace. The Canadair 415 is the latest in Canadair's line of multirole amphibious aircraft beginning with the CL215 in the 1960s. The Canadair 415 amphibian is a highwing, turboprop aircraft that evolved from over 25 years of experience with the CL215 firefighting amphibious aircraft.

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