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2019-09-23 00:16

Specifications of Infinix Hot Note Below are the complete specifications of Infinix Hot Note which includes, the battery size, camera MP, screen size, Android operating system, the internal and external memory which ROM and RAM.Purchase Infinix Hot Note X551 Or click to see the latest price of Infinix Hot Note X551 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Hello kind stranger, thanks for x551 hot note specs

The Infinix Hot Note X551 is loved immensely not only for the many goodies that it comes with, but also for it sleek and brilliant body design. It run Android KitKat, One can hardly resist the Infinix hot note at first sight because of its classy body design which gives it an outsanding look.

Infinix Hot Note X551 Review. Please take note that the Infinix Hot Note X551 is somewhat large in size. If you are among those who are into smartphones size, then youll surely love this device. However, not minding the weight, the smartphone is light to carry around and even lighter in your hands. The smartphone was produced with a svelte profile. If you are looking for a phone that has it all which includes; battery storage, camera quality, sleek design, durable and affordable, then theres no place to go than read our Hot note x551 specsx551 hot note specs Infinix Hot Note (X551) Specs and Price. Why should you consider buying Infinix Hot Note x551? Here are the features, specs and price of Infinix hot note that makes this phone considering as your next smart phone. Skip to full specs of Zero 2 or continue with the review. . Infinix hot Note Reviews

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The Infinix Hot Note X551 display is in comparison to the Infinix X507 0. 5 inches larger and generally more awesome. The Note X551 features a 720 x 1280 pixels HD display, and thus offers a crisp viewing experience. Design. Frame Dimensions: 155 x 77 x 8. 9 mm. Weight: 172g. The Infinix Hot Note X551 x551 hot note specs The Infinix Hot Note aka Infinix X551 is here. It has got a big 4, 000 mAh battery, among other features. Check out the detailed Specifications after the jump.

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