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2019-11-20 10:07

View and Download Mackie SWA1501 specifications online. Active Subwoofer System. SWA1501 Subwoofer pdf manual download.The Mackie SWA1501 is a subwoofer system that is designed for live sound reinforcement. It's a got an active 15 woofer and is of course to be used in within the context of a full PA system. The studio that I work at has a full PA rig as we sometimes do live shows in the studio and put on a festival every year. mackie 1501 specs

HD1501 HIGHDEFINITION POWERED SUBWOOFER 24 PAGES HD1501 SPECIFICATIONS Acoustic Performance Frequency Response (10 dB) 36 Hz 145 Hz Frequency Response (3 dB) 43 Hz 92 Hz Max SPL peak (calculated) 1 131 dB Max SPL peak (measured) 2 126 dB 1 Calculated from peak driver sensitivity and amplifier power, half space.

Mackie Swa1501 Specs CLICK HERE View and Download Mackie SWA1801 owner's manual online. Mackie Subwoofer Owners Manual SWA1801. SWA1801 Subwoofer Mackie SWA1501 User Manual. Mackie active Subwoofer Mackie Thump18S Brochure& Specs. The Mackie Designs SRM450 Speakers and Mackie DFX6 Mixer as above with the addition of the Mackie SWA 1501 Mackie SRM550 1600W 12 Powered Speaker. In Stock! 599. 99. Qty. Add to list. Description Specs Rated 4. 55 Reviews 1, 600 Watts in a Compact Package! Mackie SRM550 Powered Loudspeaker at a Glance: High power and big sound for a wide range of applicationsmackie 1501 specs The Mackie SRM450 is a full range, portable, active loudspeaker system providing high output, wide disper SRM450 Specifications. System Acoustic Frequency Response (3 dB) 55 Hz18 kHz Frequency Range (10 dB) 45 Hz20 kHz Directivity Factor; Q (DI) 9. 95 (9. 98), averaged

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This Specifi cation Sheet SWA1501SS. PDF OwnerOperators Manual SWA1501OM. PDF CADD fi les SWA1501. DXF Mackie Designs continually engages in research related to product improvement. New material, mackie 1501 specs polarization means of this Mackie product is not defeated. 16. Power Precaution Unplug this Mackie product during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. Note that this Mackie product is not completely disconnected from the AC mains service when View and Download Mackie SWA1501 brochure& specs online. Active Subwoofer System. SWA1501 Subwoofer pdf manual download. This Mackie Subwoofer Rocks! The SWA1501 is a 15inch high output, active subwoofer system. It features a high precision 15inch transducer combined with application specific amplifier technology. The system is composed of a single, compact subwoofer cabinet with built in control and amplifier Target. 128dB Peak Output. This Mackie product has been exposed to rain; or D. This Mackie product does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance; or E. This Mackie product has been dropped, or its chassis damaged. 12. Servicing The user should not attempt to service this Mackie product beyond those means described in this operating manual.

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