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Used on the Pure Bred Fighter series and some Busse swords, it was a Japanese style wrap, often in the Busse colors of black and yellow, but also offered in blackblack. Flying Seat belt cutter style serrations on the top and bottom of the knife near the tip.Boss Jack, it's not all that unique design, rather old school, somewhat resembling the Satin Jack, but whatever it was I liked it and decided I had to have it. Email exchange followed with successful transaction, and couple weeks later I had it with me. General Busse BOSS Jack is a busse boss jack le specs

Nov 01, 2012 Specs& Weights of Swamp Rat, Busse& Scrap Yard Knives Discussion in ' Boss Jack LE (paper micarta)(Saber) 9. 5 oz; . 18 ; 6. 25 blade; 11. 25 oal Any chance you could repost the Busse specs in the Busse forum so that we can have it stickied there? I don't want to just steal all of your work and start a thread that you deserve full

Aug 15, 2011 A Busse Combat Boss Jack knife was tested in the Amazon Jungle. It held up well, despite the challenging conditions. See for yourself! Busse Boss Jack Survival knives are tools to be used during emergencies, often in the wilderness or some other adverse scenario. They are tough blades, around 4 to 6 inches long, intended for camping tasks, hunting, skinning, carving and wood cutting.busse boss jack le specs The Busse BOSS Jack is a renewed version of the Busse Satin Jack, which by now is quite a rare knife and hard to find. It retains a similar design, but comes in a wider variety of handle and blade options.

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Here is a list of knives I own that are used for making sheaths, they are not for sale. If listed below you wont need to send me your knife. This list is always updated as new knives arrive so check back often. busse boss jack le specs The difference is the finish and the edge. In general new Busse Combat Grade blades all have standard crinkle coating, and SJ CG is no exception. The edge on SJ CG is also Busse standard Asymmetrical Grind i. e. semiconvex, while both, Satin Jack LE, and Zero Tolerance Satin Jack both The Anorexic BOSS Street is an example in a smaller size. Its 4. 25inch blade makes it handy for daily use, and probably is the most useful Busse model for utility cutting jobs. The BOSS Jack LE with a 6. 25inch blade and the NMSFNO with its 8. 25inch blade seem the best choices for activeduty military. Choiless Anorexic BOSS Street Limited Edition (CABS LE) INFI: 4 9 6. 25 oz. . 150 297: Satin with black paper micarta: 2010: Small Choil Anorexic BOSS Street Limited Edition (SCABS LE) INFI: 4 9 6. 25 oz. . 150 297: Satin with black paper micarta: 2010: Large Choil Anorexic BOSS Street Limited Edition (LCABS LE) INFI: 4 9 6. 25 oz May 18, 2010 Boss Jack specs? Discussion in 'Busse Combat Knives' started by Marvin8, May 18, 2010. May 18, 2010# 1 I was referring to the Boss JACK, not the Boss Street, but thanks anyway. May 18, 2010# 4. Busse did make all the SAR3s four months ago,

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