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Oct 24, 2018 The ZODIAC CH 650 model was introduced in 2008 as a secondgeneration light sport aircraft design with sleek new styling and numerous new and updated features.My CH 650 kit (airframe and finishing kit plus a couple options) cost me just under 20, 000 and the quality of the parts and assembly manuals is excellent, especially for the price. Engine: The standard engine for the Sonex is the AeroVee a VW Beetle based auto conversion rated at 80 hp (at a high 3400 rpm) that is sold as a Conversion Kit and needs to be assembled. zenith ch 650 specs

Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day so Zenith demo pilot Roger and I took the CH 650 up for a few flights. Our new demo airplane is equipped with dual Dynon SkyView glass panel displays so I took my video camera to document the flights.

Zenith CH 650 Modernized version of the 601, with a larger cockpit, a larger canopy with more headroom, sweptback fin and rudder and engine options that include the 120 hp (89 kW) Jabiru 3300, 100 hp (75 kW) Continental O200 and 100 hp (75 kW) Rotax 912ULS. The Zenith CH 650 is a second generation light sport aircraft, developed specifically for Sport Pilots. It is the latest model in the Zodiac line of aircraft from aeronauticalzenith ch 650 specs The Zenair Zenith CH 200 and CH 250 are a family of Canadian singleengined homebuilt light aircraft. It is a lowwinged single engine monoplane, that was first flown in France in 1970, with kits being made by the Canadian company Zenair from 1974, with hundreds built and flown.

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Amazing, classic and fun, at a fraction of the cost! The Zodiac 650 B is the perfect Light Sport Aircraft. With more than 1, 000 flying around the world, it is a proven design: Sleek and sporty, yet zenith ch 650 specs Figures based on a Zenith CH650 with a gross weight of 1300lbs, standard atmosphere, sea level, no wind. Range and endurance figures are quoted with no fuel reserves. All technical data, specifications and performance figures are subject to change without notice. The ZODIAC CH 640 was designed by veteran aircraft designer Chris Heintz and has been available as a kit aircraft from Zenair since 2001. The design is a fourplace, low Based on the ZENITH CH 2000, the 2seat CH 650 and the STOL CH 701 skyjeep . C lick on the tabs in lefthand menu (above) for lots of additional information! Specs and Performances Basic Airframe kits Advanced Kits Prices. CH 650LSA. CH 750LSA Professional Demo Videosfrom Zenith Aircraft for all Zenair models (index). Construction videosto assist with assembly and finishing of a Zenair kit (available for aircraft& floats) The latest models, the CH 650 LS AND LSi, introduced at AirVenture 2008, combine the best of a Europeanbuilt CH 601 XL sold as a readytofly aircraft, the AMD CH 601 XL sold as an SLSA, and the Zenith Aircraft Company's amateur built CH 601 XL kit.

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