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All of the competitors offered higher displacement engines as standard equipment for 1968, which included the Cadillac Eldorado, Buick Riviera, Oldsmobile Toronado, Imperial Crown Coupe, and even the Tbird's sister model, the new 1969 Continental Mark III,Originality Specifications. 1967 through 1969 Thunderbird. The following is an attempt to get some of the basic information regarding originality for Thunderbirds into the hands of all who want it 70 t bird specs

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Find great deals on eBay for 70 tbird. Shop with confidence. The Tbird was offered in coupe or sportsback models for these two years, the latter being a further distinction from the '67 to '69 models. In 1971, Neiman Marcus offered his and hers Thunderbirds in its 1970 catalog, with telephones, tape recorders and other niceties.70 t bird specs The squarebird fourseater models that replaced Fords iconic Thunderbird roadsters are considered the original personal luxury cars.

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All Ford (USA) Thunderbird 2Door Landau versions offered for the year 1970 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars 70 t bird specs The powerful 429 Thunder Jet V8 engine coupled with the dependable C6 SelectShift automatic transmission continued to power all 1970 Thunderbirds. Our own assessment, expressed in a TBird test in the June 1956 issue of CD predecessor Sports Cars Illustrated, described the car as best suited to turnpikes and drag strips. But we digress. Body styles remained the same and motors ranged from 390 cid to 429 cid. The 1971 model year saw the last of this generation of TBird, with the 1972 car becoming upsized. As the last of the line, few changes were made. This era of Ford Thunderbird can still be purchased quite reasonably. 1971 Ford Thunderbird Overview The 1971 Ford Thunderbird was the last of the 'Glamor Bird' models, nicknamed for their sleek, stylish lines. Very few changes were made to the design, except for a slight toning down of the 1970 TBird's pointy vgrille.

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