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For more specs, check out this data sheet from Ford Performance. Additional Upgrades. These camshafts require new valve springs. Ford Performance says youll need springs rated at a minimum pressure of 120 lbs. (closed) and 295 lbs. (open).E303 Cam Specs This Ford E303 camshaft has a 220 intake duration at. 050 , and a 220 exhaust duration at. 050 . This E303 camshaft also features a 0. 498 intake lift with 1. 6 rockers and a lobe separation angle of 110. frpp f cam specs

Nov 06, 2006 Re: Z303 Cam and Z heads Cam, I've heard good things about the TFS intake, and in all honesty I would be calling Comp Cams or Crane about what you would need on a cam as considering what you are looking for, a custom cam may be just what the doctor ordered.

The Ford Racing Camshaft Specification chart describes individual cams and cam kits currently available from Ford Racing. Refer to page 223 for performance characteristics and usage guidelines. See page 92 for valve springs. FORD RACING CAMSHAFT SPECIFICATIONS Did you know 351W blocks that are roller cam compatible have the casting number F4TE. Improves Performance. The Ford Racing Z303 cam is the highest liftdurationoverlap hydraulic roller cam in the Ford Racing lineup and provides a significant power improvement and a classic lumpy idle. It works well with carburetors, mass air fuel injection, upgraded cylinder heads, intake and exhaust. Legendary Ford Racing Quality.frpp f cam specs The E303 camshaft is the mildest of the Ford racing cams as you might be able to tell from the specifications. Its known for its excellent street ability and decent track performance. I ran the E303 cam in my Fox Body for a very long time and loved it.

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Ford Performance F Cam This Ford Performance F303 hydraulic roller camshaft, also known as an F cam, is a great way to add horsepower to your 5. 0L 8595 Mustang. Fox Body cams not only add performance, they give your Mustang an aggressive lope exhaust tone. frpp f cam specs Sep 28, 2018 Street Performance. This Ford Racing cam is a great replacement choice for excellent Low and Mid Range Torque, and a Good Idle. The Ford Racing F303 Performance Camshaft is also a great choice for Supercharged 5. 0 Mustangs (manual transmission recommended ). Jun 10, 2001  The E cam (in the FRPP catalog) makes peak HP at 5500rpm and torque at 2500 rpm. The B cam makes peak HP at 5100 and torque at 3300. The F cam Find Ford Performance Parts Camshafts M6250F303 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over 99 at Summit Racing! Ford Performance Parts guys live, eat, and sleep Ford. Their camshafts are designed for everything from mildly modified street rods to fullout drag racers. 385 Series Ford 385 Series Engine Builder's Forum (370, 429, 460) Founded October 25, 2000 Engine Build Combos and Data

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