Minimus 7 woofer specs

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Nov 12, 2016 Realistic Minimus 7 Mod Discussion in ' Cables, Power, Tweaks, Speakers, Accessories (DBTFree Forum) ' started by ahorsenamedjeff, May 4, 2013. May 4, 2013 at 4: 15 PM THREAD STARTERJan 09, 2017 Minimus 7 woofer. I found a significant peak in the electrical response, 35 dB due to resonance of the 3. 3 uF with the voice coil inductance. I am surprised since the MCM woofer looks to have similar inductance, however I did not check closely. I don't like any of the modifications that I mentioned above for various. reasons. minimus 7 woofer specs

The main product I was usually looking for was the stalwart Minimus 7 bookshelf speakers a perennial favorite at Radio Shack for nearly 30 years. In the spring you could get them for 50 off, making your buyin for a good basic set of mini speakers somewhere in the 30 range

Mar 29, 2009 There is a pair of Minimus 7's in my current bedroom system. Those in the ad look a lot like them. On my pair the metal grill does not allow you to see the drivers like the picture. If you really want to know give www. audiokarma. org a look see. They are very well informed about vintage gear and speakers. I use my 7's with an old passive DBX The Minimus 7's give some reflection of common limitations of inexpensive speakers, but still sound good when powered by a good amp. They can be found for fairly cheapI paid 50 including shipping for mine, which are in great shape.minimus 7 woofer specs Find great deals on eBay for minimus 7 speakers. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay: 5 product ratings Vintage Realistic Minimus7 Speakers C Made in Malaysia for Radio Shack. 50. 00. or Best Offer 18. 95 shipping. Memorex Series 10 Bookshelf Speakers Minimus 7

Minimus 7 woofer specs free

The Minimus 7 is little only in size, not in performance it's a real giant in concert hall sound. The high compliance woofer element gives astounding bass and the dome tweeter produces crisp, clean highs. minimus 7 woofer specs

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