1988 ford mustang gt 5.0 specs

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All of the other 88 Mustang parts, like the engines, exterior sheet metal, and interior components did not change at all from those of the previous year. Despite no changes to 1988 Ford Mustang parts, their prices continued to shoot upward by another. However, sales1986 Ford Mustang GT 5. 0 Ttop. In 1986, the Mustang GT saw drivetrain including a new 10. 5 (from 10 ) clutch. The 7. 5 rearend was eliminated in V8 models and the SVO in favor of the stronger 8. 8 rearend, with the 7. 5 relegated to the 2. 3L and 3. 8L applications. (1988 Mustangs sold in California also had the MAF system). This change 1988 ford mustang gt 5.0 specs

Nov 02, 2006 ok whats the engine specs for a 1988 5. 0 HO motor? i know they are roller motors but the rest is unclear. stock 5. 0 HO engine specs. Thread starter SaturnPimpin; Start date Jun 23, 2004; hp with no ac system, and the belt driven cooling fan on maximum slip. Also, the original rating was made while the mustang was still a speed density

Fox Body Mustang 5. 0 Engine Specs 5. 0 Torque Specs For Fox Body Mustang 5. 0 Torque Specs For Fox Body Mustang. Checkout our current Sales! 5. 0 Torque Specs For Fox Body Mustang. Posted by Tyler Rodriquez. SVT, Special Vehicle Team, Ford Mustang, Mach 1, Shelby GT 500, 5. 0, Cobra R, Fox Body Mustang, SVT Cobra, Bullitt, Cobra When looking at the 14 mile specs for a 1988 Ford Mustang 5. 0 HO, what is the top time? Please email me at [email protected] edu, Thanks, Jessica. 1 Answer. stock roller cam specs for an 85 5. 0 gt 1 Answer. does any 1 no specs for an 85 ho 5. 0 roller cam. 1985 Ford Mustang GT1988 ford mustang gt 5.0 specs 1988 Ford Mustang Trims and Specs. Overview User Reviews 60; Trims and Specs Pictures 487 Expand All Collapse All. LX Coupe. Reviews (11) 1988 Ford Mustang GT For Sale. 4 listings 1988 Ford Mustang GT Convertible For Sale. 6 listings 1988 Ford Mustang LX For Sale. 3 listings

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1988 Ford Mustang GT 5. 0 Foxbody Hatchback. I am only the second owner with 99k mileage with a clean title in hand. The car starts up and drives without any issues. 1988 ford mustang gt 5.0 specs Mustang Factory Drivetrain Specs. Year Engine Transmission Ring Gear Size Standard Gear Ratio FORD, FORD MUSTANG, MUSTANG GT, SVT COBRA, MACH 1 MUSTANG, SHELBY GT 500, COBRA R, BULLITT MUSTANG, SN95, S197, V6 MUSTANG, FOX BODY MUSTANG, AND 5. 0 MUSTANG ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF FORD MOTOR COMPANY. Dodge, Dodge 1988 LX 5. 0 2a The Mustang LX5. 0 continues to do well in sales, as it offers all the amenities of the GT without the 200 extra pounds the GT package adds. In addition, the LX body style perfectly conceals the powerful 5. 0L V8 engine, creating the ultimate wolf in sheeps clothing. 1988 Mustang Info Specs If you're looking for info and specs on the 1988 Mustang GT, you have come to the right place. We list Horsepower numbers, specs, colors, engine options, and much more. We have all the 5. 0 Mustang Parts you need to make your fox body mustang look and sound great. 1988 was considered a carry over year from '87 by Ford. Not many things changed on the redesigned Ford Mustang. The Mustanger hunger for yellow was answered with only a few hundred Tropical yellow Fox Body Mustangs produced! 1988 Ford Mustang Engine Specifications

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