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Piper Aircraft Corporation Dakota PA Specifications ENGINE Manufacturer Model Rating([email protected]) NumberofCylinders RecommendedTBO(hrs. ) PROPELLER Manufacturer NumberofBlades Type Diameter Lycoming 0540J3A5D [email protected] 6 2000 Hartzell 2 Constant Speed WEIGHTS GrossWeight (Ibs'kg)Piper Dakota (PA ) Property of the Flying 20 Club, Inc. v. 9. Main Fuel Strainer. Check Sample (L& R) Left Wing 1. Wing piper dakota pa-28-236 specs

Piper PA 28 140 Cherokee Cherokee Cruiser Challenger Archer Warrior Dakota Charger Pathfinder aircraft specifications history and performance Piper PA Dakota

1979 Piper PA Dakota. This Dakota is Loaded with Awesome Upgrades Including a Aspen PFD 1000 PRO with Angle of Attack, Dual Garmin 430Ws, ADSB InOut, Garmin Flight Stream 210, JPI EDM 900 Engine Data Management System, and Much More! The PA Dakota was, like the Warrior, a warming over of the basic airframe with special attention given to the wing. The Dakota got the semitapered wing in place of the 235's aerodynamic slab which, along with a lot of detail engineering and tweaking, made a different airplane out of the old 235.piper dakota pa-28-236 specs Thats exactly what Piper did in 1964 when they introduced the airplane that was to evolve into the Piper Dakota. Technically, that first airplane was called the Cherokee 235 (duh! ), but it was to be improved and modified to become the PA, strongest and most capable of the fourseat Cherokee single family.

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In 1977, Piper stopped producing the Cruiser (140) and Pathfinder (235), but introduced a new 235hp (175kW) plane, the Dakota (PA ), based on the Cherokee 235, Charger and Pathfinder models, but with the new semitapered wing. The PA T Turbo Dakota followed the introduction of the PA Dakota in 1979. piper dakota pa-28-236 specs 1984 Piper Dakota PA: Pride in ownership shows in this extremely lowtime IFR Dakota. This midwest aircraft has been wellkept and hangared. 1979 Piper Dakota Asking Price: SOLD. Print Data Sheet. Asking Price: 110, 000. YrMakeModel: 1979 Piper PA Dakota. Log Books (y or n): Yes. Registration: N2829U. Serial Number: . Aircraft Location: Maryland. Airframe& Engine Data. These specifications listed are presented as introductory information only. Clear Blue Aircraft performance stats and information for the Piper PA Dakota aircraft. Aircraft performance stats and information for several Piper Aircraft.

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