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The United States Navy Mark 12 Mod 01 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) is a rifle in service with United States Special Operations Forces in Operation Enduring FreedomSpecifications Upper Receiver: The majority of the SPR upper receivers were initially supplied by Colt, Lower Receiver: When the SPR program was still just an upper receiver assembly Barrel: An 18inch (457 mm) threadedmuzzle matchgrade free floating stainless steel heavy barrel spr rifle specs

United States Navy Mark 12 Special Purpose Rifle (Mk 12 SPR) OVERVIEW. The Mk 12 SPR has been used with deadly efficiency in both Afghanistan SPECIFICATIONS. Common measurements, and their respective conversions, are shown when possible. CALIBER (S): 5. 56x45mm NATO. VARIANTS.

The Special Purpose Rifle is based on the special operations Mark 12 Mod X. The SPR was designed to be an intermediate sniperdesignated marksman rifle. The 18 matchgrade 18 twist barrel offers exceptional accuracy with heavier bullets, making it a more effective longrange rifle. May 01, 2006 Mounts: As mentioned before, a long accessory rail, called a SWAN Sleeve (ARMS SPR MOD or ARMS# 38 SPR PEQ23), manufactured by ARMS, is installed, running the length of the rifle. The SPRA and SPRB both used the KAC M4 Match FF RAS. Two ARMS# 22 Throwlever 30 mm steel rings are used to mount the dayscope.spr rifle specs Every shooter knows that the beating heart of their rifle is their barrel. Our matchgrade chromemoly barrels are 5R button rifled with polygonal rifling for extreme accuracy and an incredible boost to bullet velocity compared to milspec AR barrels.

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The MK12 barrel is engineered with a riflelength direct impingement gas system and utilizes the MK12 gas block, which is built to Crane Specifications for USSOCOM. The MK12 gas block is precision CNC machined from 416 stainless steel and Black Oxide Coated. spr rifle specs The SPR went through several developmental iterations before the specifics were settled on and the initial batch of Mk 12 Mod 0 rifles were fielded in 2002. (Pronounced Mark Twelve). The SEAL Recon Rifle, and subsequently the SPR, was always intended to be used with the new enhanced and longer range M262 77gr 5. 56x45mm NATO ammo that was being loaded by Blackhills for the special The SPR has been used with great success with Special Operations Forces engaged in combat in Afghanistan. The SPR is responsible for an extremely high percentage of enemy soldiers engaged and killed with precision rifles. The SPR rifle was now to be named, the Mk 12. There would be two basic models of the Mk12, the Mod 0 and Mod 1. Based on the US Navy MK12 Mod 0 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR), the BCM MK12 is heavily modified DMR type weapon designed to extend the effective range of the M4 carbine without the need for the full 20 barrel of a full sized M16A4. THE SPRS GREATEST STRENGTH. The greatest improvement that the SPR has over a traditional M4 is the barrel. The barrel is made by Douglas Barrels and is an 18inch, buttonrifled 1: 7 twist with a riflelength gas system. Douglas also only uses its premium barrels for the Mk 12.

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