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as compared to other STIHL yellowlabeled chains. Read and follow the yellow warning information included with these chains. STIHL recommends the use of 38 sprockets in combination with STIHL greenlabeled, lowkickback saw chain and STIHL greenHave your STIHL dealer show you how to operate your chainsaw. Observe all applicable local safety regulations, standards and ordinances. ! Warning! Minors should never be allowed to use a chainsaw. Bystanders, especially children, and animals should not be allowed in the area where a chainsaw is in use. Never let the saw run unattended. stihl 028 wb specs

Stihl chain saws have been around for decades. Stihls model 028 Wood Boss chain saw, called 028 WB for short, was manufactured in Germany and the United States primarily in the late 1970s through the 1980s. When you need to order replacement parts for your saw, knowing your saw's year of

Passed down through generations and revered by home owners as well as industry professionals, Stihl chain saws are one of the top sellers year in and year out. From its creation in 1926, Stihl has used the latest in technology and design to create its saws, edgers, blowers and more. Oct 25, 2012  The chainsaw guy shop talk Stihl 028 wb chainsaw 10 25 How To Convert Stihl 028 031 032 From Points and Condenser to Electronic Oil Pump Replacement On A Stihlstihl 028 wb specs The Stihl 028 series number is 1118. It has bore, intake by piston pore and weighsin at 6. 3kg with a 33cm bar and chain. It also has antivibration, the oil pump is automatic, and the engine has an RPM of 12, 500, anidle RPM of 2, 700, with a fuel tank capacity of 520ml.

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Feb 06, 2006 I went to my local shop today (Stihl and Husky dealer), and they have a couple 028 Woodbosses for 225 each. One has a 16 bar, the other has an 18 bar, and apparently they're both about 15 years old. stihl 028 wb specs Review of the Stihl 028 Chainsaw. The Stihl 028 was first introduced around 1984 and many of these saws have had very long, productive lives. The power head is largely constructed from metal alloy so the 028 is a good few pounds heavier than an equivalent modern saw, none the less the 028 is light enough for anyone to use easily. 028s usually 6. 3kg with 33cm bar& chain 13. 9 lbs. with 13 in. bar& chain: OPERATOR CONFIGURATION: One Man operation

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