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Bezzera Strega TOP gives you the option of running either as a pour over or it can be plumbed in directly to a water line. It also features an upgraded commercial pressurestat. It also features an upgraded commercial pressurestat.Feb 08, 2013 Bezzera Strega Lever machine 2 Year Review Reply# 16 on: , 08: 58 AM Kev, as it is an HX machine, a cooling flush, if you've been away from the machine more than maybe 10 minutes is not a bad idea, just as you did with your previous machine. bezzera strega specs

The Bezzera Strega is fitted with a 2 liter copper boiler with heat exchanger system. That means you can steam milk and extract espresso at the same time. High 1450watt heating element is controlled by a thermostat to maintain a constant temperature.

The Refurbished Bezzera Strega Lever Espresso Machine pays homage to the very first lever style espresso machine invented in 1901 by Luigi Bezzera, the Bezzera Strega is a fusion of Italian tradition and modern technology. Automatic Espresso Machines Bezzera Strega: Lowest Price (2159), Color (Stainless Steel), Weight (70 lbs), Brand (Bezerra). Browsecompare Lowest Price, Color, Weight, Brand and other characteristics.bezzera strega specs It was Lugi Bezzera who invented the espresso machine process of extraction that we know today. The Strega is a modern development of the traditional lever espresso machine. . Specifications

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The Bezzera Strega is an old school leverstyle espresso machine that pays homage to the very first espresso machine invented by the companys founder Luigi Bezzera all the way back in 1901. Ever the innovators, though, Bezzera takes inspiration from a classic lever bezzera strega specs Bezzera Strega An entirely new take on traditional lever espresso machines, the Bezzera Strega combines the best of pump driven coffee machines and the pressure profiling possible only with leverbrewed espresso. Actual product, specifications and technical information given are indicative and may be subject to change without prior notice and any obligation or responsibility on the part of G. BEZZERA SRL to make the same changes in the products previously supplied. The Bezzera Strega, also known as The Witch. Is capable of producing shots, at least, comparable to complicated and expensive machines that cost five times more. Durable enough to easily outlast them. From Bezzera Strega new spring lever for home use Although it looks like a conventional single group lever machine, it's anything but. The Strega is a pour over, not a direct connect.

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