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MIM104 Patriot. The Patriot missile system line began with the original MIM104A model which lacked the antimissile engagement qualities of later marks. MIM104B (PAC1) was the first major upgrade to the line which improved the software side and MIM104C (PAC2) introduced the missile interception quality first witnessed during the Gulf War.The Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target (PATRIOT) Advanced CapabilityThree (PAC3) program is an airdefense, guided missile system with longrange, medium patriot missile system specs

The MIM104 Patriot is a surfacetoair missile (SAM) system, the primary of its kind used by the United States Army and several allied nations. Patriot uses an advanced aerial interceptor missile and high performance radar systems. The Patriot system is modular and highly mobile. A batterysized element can be emplaced in less than 1 hour.

Surfacetoair missile system. The MIM104 Patriot is a surfacetoair missile (SAM) system, the primary of its kind used by the United States Army and several allied nations. It is manufactured by the U. S. defense contractor Raytheon and derives its name from the radar component of the weapon system. A Patriot missile is a singlestage solid rocket that currently comes in two forms. There is the older PAC2 missile, which is larger and not as effective as the newer PAC3 missile deployed in 2002.patriot missile system specs Prime Contractor: About Patriot& PAC3: The U. S. Army's MIM104F Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC3) missile, developed and produced by Lockheed Martin, is the primary interceptor for Raytheon's Patriot Air and Missile Defense System. Patriot is the only combatproven system capable of defeating tactical ballistic missiles,

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The Patriot PAC3 is a part of threelayer missile defense network. The first line of defense comes from AEGIS missiles, designed to knockout ballistic missiles in space. If that fails, ballistic missiles are intercepted by THAAD antiballistic missile system, just as they reenter the atmosphere. patriot missile system specs The Patriot missile system has a remarkable goal: It is designed to detect, target and then hit an incoming missile that may be no more than 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters) long and is typically flying at three to five times the speed of sound. The latest variant of Patriot air defense system features improved MPQ53 radar set, MSQ104 Engagement Control Station, Patriot PAC2 and PAC3 missiles. As of late August 2013, the US Army plans call for the Patriot air defense missile system to remain fielded by. Jul 21, 2011 Medium Extended Air Defense System; MEADS Chronology; MEADS References; Patriot Specifications; Patriot Deployment; Patriot Pictures; Patriot References: trackviamissile (TVM) Ready for today. Right for tomorrow. Raytheons Global Patriot Solutions is a missile defense system consisting of radars, commandandcontrol technology and multiple types of interceptors, all working together to detect, identify and defeat tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones, advanced aircraft and other threats.

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