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2019-08-25 21:35

The Jeep NP208 used a different case, bolt pattern and some different internal parts than the GM Chevrolet and the Ford 208 versions. The NP219 was a fulltime 4wd transfer case. This transfer case was more complex than the 208 in that it used a viscous clutch.The NP208 has an almost symmetrical bolt pattern; its sixbolt circular bolt pattern is nonsymmetrical, and only bolts on one way. New Process used the same bolt pattern in all vehicles, but the transfer case is installed in different positions in General Motors, Dodge and Ford trucks. ford np208 specs

Every 4WD vehicle uses a transfer case to split the drive coming from the transmission into two outputs, one directed to the front axle and one directed to the rear axle.

The Ford Dana 20 transfer case is gear driven with a cast iron case. It was used in early Broncos from 1966 until 1977 and it was used in some Ford pickups. It is drivers drop and it was available with a couple different low range ratios. NP205 Rebuild Guide. The NP205 gear driven transfer case is considered by many to be the king of bulletproof. It was supplied in many GM, Ford, International and Dodge fullsize trucks. Here is a documented tear down and rebuild of this unit. This can be done without a press, and with basic np208 specs np203 transfer case The New Process 203 was used in GM, Ford, and Dodge through the 70's behind auto and manual transmissions. They were originally a full time 4WD case, meaning all 4 tires receive power at all times.

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NP208 Transfer Case Ford, GM, Jeep and Dodge Buy Factory Direct and Save Money! See the complete line of products that we offer at www. midwesttrans. com. To speak to a Drive Train Expert or to place an order call toll free! ford np208 specs Rebuilt back to Factory Specifications. Jeep 4. 0, 5. 2L. two piece tail housing. . 750 exposed input shaft. Chevrolet NP 205 NP 208 Transfer Case Cross Member. 99. 95. 0 bids. Ford NP208 transfer case, front case half. Fseries, Bronco. 100. 00. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. DODGE NP208 TRANSFER CASE DRIVEN SPROCKET MOPAR NOS. 59. 95. The NP208 case is similar to the NP203 and 205 cases, sharing a number of applications between them, though on the 208 the casing is made out of aluminum rather than iron. NP208. NP219. NP229. NP231. NP231 Jeep Slip Yoke Eliminator. NP233. NP241. NP242. NP246. NP243. NP249. NP261. NV263. NP271. NP 273 Transfer Case Rebuild Kits and Parts NP273 transfer case, need rebuild kit or parts? In 1999 New Venture Gear introduced the NV273 transfer case incorporated into the Ford Motors 2000 Ford Excursion& 1999 The other way to connect the 1350 CV is to use a Ford 32 spline NP205 front output shaft and use a specialty flange type output. The other HD upgrade is using the Ford front output shaft itself. This output shaft configuration is the same as the rear of the NP203 and NP205, so the yokes interchange.

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