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2019-09-18 06:34

Each Bryston Cubed amplifier is designed without compromise in pursuit of this lofty goal. Bryston engineers, led by Christopher Russell, have been busy over the years since the advent of the SST2 Series finding new methods to reduce noise and distortion toWhen I checked its power consumption specs, the 4B has the ability to draw 2100 watts of power at its maximum 500 watts output and 4 Ohms rating. I estimated that to be 18 amps and it defines the Bryston's ability to deliver high current power on demand. bryston 14b sst2 specs

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Jan 01, 2018 The 14B is essentially two 7B mono amplifiers built into one chassis in a dual mono design (Bryston says that the two 7B amps have slightly higher combined power supply capacitance). Bryston deserves kudos for this, as Ive seen similarly priced products whose manufacturers must think information can be gained telepathically, so skimpy are their manuals. System The Bryston 4B SST took the spot in my system usually held down by my original Sunfire Stereo power amp and, more recently, an Audio Research 150. 2.bryston 14b sst2 specs The power transistors in the 14BSST (and now in the SST line) are larger, faster, and can handle more power than those in the 7BST, and have been proven to be more reliable, says Bryston. Output devices are handselected to ensure that the transistor gains are matched.

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Bryston 14BSST power amplifier Measurements Sidebar 4: Measurements After checking for continuity and the optimal grounding between the device under test and the Audio Precision System One test gear, my usual routine for an amplifier review is to run the amp for 60 minutes at 13 power into 8 ohms. bryston 14b sst2 specs Here for your consideration is a LIKE MINT condition Bryston 14B SST2 stereo amplifier (in Black with the rack mount handles and face plate) purchased less than 2 years ago; so still has 18 years of Bryston warranty left. I am listing this for a very good friend so am quite familiar with this amplifier. Description 14BSST The 14BSST is a dual channel 600 Watt audio power amplifier. The 14B SST can accept a balanced (3pin XLR connector) or single ended input (RCA or phono connector) and can be set to a gain of 29dB (sensitivity 1V) or 23dB (sensitivity 2V). There are four gain stages in the 14B. The input buffer has a gain of 2, followed by the main amplifier input stage with a gain of about 10. The second stage has a voltage gain of 100, 000, followed by the output stage that has a voltage gain of 4 and a current gain of more than 1, 000, 000. The Bryston 14B SST 2 is a marvelous power amplifier. It produces clean, low distortion, neutral sound, at power levels few of us have experienced. It produces clean, low distortion, neutral sound, at power levels few of us have experienced.

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