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Bundled with Sun StorEdge A3500 for dual active connection to host and automatic failover Easy configuration, management, and recovery of RAID implementation: Environmental Specifications: StorEdge A3500A3500FC System and Controller Module; Temperature range dry bulb Relative humidity Declared acoustic noise emissions in accordance withSun Enterprise 3500 Server. Maximum memory was 64 ea. 256 MB DIMMs, giving the system a maximum memory capacity of 16 GB. The E3500 also had the ability to run up to eight 3. 5in. hotswappable 9. 1 GB, 18. 2 GB, or 36. 4 GB FCAL disk drives. The above configurations can be customized to your specifications; sun e3500 specs

Sun Enterprise 3500 Server View All Sizes Refurbished. Current Availability: [IN STOCK MCA carries a select line of Sun Fire Enterprise 3500 servers& spare parts, all available in Refurbished or Used conditions. Sun Enterprise E3500 Server Maximum Configuration Specifications& Features

The Sun Enterprise 3500 Server Specifications: Sun E3500 Server CPU options: Single or dual plugable processor modules on each of 4 CPUMemory boards. 336 MHz with 4 MB cache 400 MHz with 4 MB cache 400 MHz with 8 MB cache. E3500 Operating System options: Solaris or later. Sun Enterprise [tm E3500 Server. IBM Parts: Sun Parts: Cisco Parts: SAN Fiber Channel HBA's. Legal Disclaimer: this site is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Sun Microsystems, Inc. This site is independently run and in no way represents Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sun Does not officially sponsor, approve, or endorse this site or its content.sun e3500 specs iv Sun Enterprise 3500 System Reference Manual August 2001 Memory Modules (DIMMs) 315 4. IO Boards and Components 41 4. 1 Handling Boards and Assemblies 42 A. Specifications A1 A. 1 Physical Specifications A1 A. 2 Electrical Specifications A2 A. 3 Environmental Requirements A3

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The Sun Enterprise 250 is a twoprocessor version launched in 1998. These were later joined by the Enterprise 220R and Enterprise 420R rackmount servers in 1999. The 220R and 420R models are respectively based on the motherboards of the Ultra 60 and Ultra 80 workstations. sun e3500 specs View full UGSUNSVE3500C62 UPG TP E3500 2X336MHZ4MB specs on CNET. The table below, documents the published environmental temperature and humidity ranges for Sun Enterprise[TM E3500E4500E6500 servers. Steps to Follow E Sun Servers: EOL (End Of Life). Sign into Cloud. Access your cloud dashboard, manage orders, and more. Sign UpFree Trial Note: Sun Enterprise 6500 systems running Solaris Operating Environment limited to 56GB memory capacity. Standard Interfaces: Ethernet: One ethernetfast ethernet (10BASET100BASET) twistedpair standard connector One MII for external transceiver connection (available only on SBus and Graphics IO boards)

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