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GRUMMAN AA1B O320 26, 000 GREAT BUY 1973 Grumman AA1B. TTAF 1405 SMOH: 520. Penn Yann O320B2B 160HP. Cruise Prop 74DM6 Propeller OH 2018.Following Grumman Corporation's acquisition of American Aviation, the AA1 was produced under the Grumman American Aviation Corporation banner. In 1978 Grumman American introduced the further improved AA1C with greater takeoff weights, a more powerful O235 engine and revised tail surfaces. grumman american aa-1 specs

We have 5 GRUMMANAMERICAN GENERAL AA1 SERIES Aircraft For Sale. Search our listings for used& new airplanes updated daily from 100's of private sellers& dealers. 1 5 Home Aircraft GRUMMANAMERICAN GENERAL GRUMMANAMERICAN GENERAL AA1 SERIES. Filter By. Advanced Search. OneLine Listings. 1975 Grumman AA1B TR2, 3890TT

The Grumman American AA5 series is a family of American allmetal, fourseat, light aircraft used for touring and training. The line includes the original American Aviation AA5 Traveler, the Grumman American AA5 Traveler, AA5A Cheetah, and AA5B Tiger, the Gulfstream American AA5A Cheetah, and AA5B Tiger, the American General AG5B Tiger, and the Tiger Aircraft AG5B Tiger. The American AA1 is a singleengine twoseat light sport und trainer aircraft produced by the USAmerican manufacturer American Aviation Corporation and later Grumman American Aviation Corporation. The AA1 was originally designed as the Bede BD1 kit sport plane.grumman american aa-1 specs Grumman AA1 Trainer. GRUMMAN AA1B O320 26, 000 GREAT BUY 1973 Grumman AA1B. TTAF 1405 SMOH: 520. 2018 Display Specs Page Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser Recommend This Ad to a Friend Email Advertiser Save to

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Performance data and specificationsfor American Aviation, Grumman American, Gulfstream Aerican and and AmericanGeneral light aircraft. Grumman Aircraft Specifications Grumman Specifications grumman american aa-1 specs Grumman aircraft history, performance and specifications corporate history The Grumman Corporation of Bethpage, New York, has been one of the handful of military aircraft builders since the 1940s. Grumman AA5 Traveler performance and specifications. Horsepower: 150: Gross Weight: The four seat AA5 is a larger derivative of the AA1, and shares 60 of the smaller aircraft's structures. Bedes design debuts as American Aviations AA1 Yankee. The AA1 is the forerunner of the AA5 series (including the Traveler, the Cheetah Fighter fun on 5 gph makes the Grumman American Yankee AA1 series of aircraft a fun date. The Yankee, as it was originally called, is not an aircraft for everyone. The cockpit is small, the speeds are fast, and the canopy is hot. Oct 08, 2014 Note that due to changes in the landing gear, the AA1B has 60 lb more max gross weight than the earlier AA11A, without being significantly heavier. This could be a big deal for flight training, so choosing a Bmodel is a good thing.

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