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NASCAR National series race tracks. The following is a list of race tracks currently used by NASCAR as part of its Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series, or Camping World Truck Series for the 2018 racing season. Key to table. Track The name of the facility. Miles Length of the course.Safety Apron: Encircles the inside of the track, 10 feet wide on straightaways, and 21 feet wide in the turns. Capacity: Approximately 85, 000 race fans Number of Pit Positions: 40, with water and electric nascar track specs

darlington raceway will celebrate for throwback weekend in 2019 Track will recognize specific moments and legends from an era of tremendous growth for the sport of NASCAR Read More

In 2001, Pixar visited NASCAR tracks as research for the 2006 animated film Cars, which included the voices of NASCAR drivers Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Jr. To avoid advertising tobacco in a Disney film, Piston Cup served as Pixar's allusion to the Winston Cup. From track facts and trivia to information on Daytona Rising, find out more interesting information about Daytona International Speedway Track Facts Daytona International Speedway Menunascar track specs TRACK FACTS MONSTER MILE RECORDS Qualifying and race records for the four NASCAR series that visit the Monster Mile MORE INFO TRACK SPECIFICATIONS Discover how long the Monster Mile's frontstretch really is! MORE INFO DOVER MILESTONES Discover highlights from 1969 to the present day! MORE INFO Dover Champions Dover's NASCAR race [

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What Are the Specs on a NASCAR Engine? As of 2014, NASCAR mandated specifications include a carbureted V8 engine with a maximum 5. 9liter capacity (358 cubic inches). The current limitations are designed to encourage the engine parity of vehicles, which generate an average of nascar track specs Click here for NASCAR Track Specs, Tickets. As conditions improved and tracks were paved, racing got faster and faster. Darlington is considered to be the first superspeedway, but an even faster track was Daytona International Speedway. How Fast Does A Nascar Car Go? The cars top out at around 200 mph, but they could go much faster if they were not restricted. Standard qualifying times in this sport are around 190 mph, and you will find they are slower on tracks that are much shorter because the corners come up much faster. NASCAR's Regional, International and Local Series are the grassroots foundation of everything NASCAR: loyal fans and dedicated racers who represent the best of racing. Search Jobs Updated NASCAR tracks information, including banking and turns, track type, track length, locations, year built, ticket information

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