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2019-09-18 06:30

This second generation Revolution Imager R2 System has an easier menu to operate, better contrast control, better gain control, and finer image processing on board. The R2 version does a maximum of 5. 12 second exposure and now stacks up to 6 images instead of 5 in the first generation Revolution Imager.Revolution Imager, model R2 300 Orange County Telescope. Go to the latest update ( ) I saw an ad for the Revolution Imager in a recent Sky and Telescope magazine. I checked out the product web site and became really intrigued by the Revolution Imager (which I will call RI in this review). revolution imager specs

Revolution Imager R2 is the simple, fun and easy way to experience live video astrophotography! Complete Video Astronomy Kit ships from USA. Astronomy Magazine's 2016 Star Product and Sky Telescopes 2017 Hot Product!

Revolution Imager R2 Astronomy Video Camera with 7 Viewing Screen& Free RIUSB Video Capture Adapter. The Revolution Imager R2 is so much fun! It comes with almost everything you need to capture color images of the Universe and display them on the included 7 batterypowered monitor all you need to bring to the table is a telescope! Revolution Imager 6 control The Revolution Imager camera contains a host of features that are useful for astronomical purposes and a number of features are designed for it's day time orrevolution imager specs The Revolution Imager R2 features a series of a onscreen menus that allow you alter the exposure settings, adjust colors, enable stacking and host of other features. This page will introduce you to the menu system and some of the options.

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My Revolution Imager is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (along with the 25ft extension cable and some other accessories). As is the case with these things, the cold front bringing high winds and rain to the Midwest is already starting to show itself in high and steadily thickening clouds here in the Northeast. revolution imager specs Jan 22, 2017  Wow! a new Revolution Imager. I just saw a webpage, showing the new Revolution imager R2. Has anyone else seen this new imager? I wonder what the difference is from the old one? The body of the camera is definitely different. Anyone found a With the Revolution imager, all you have to do is make some simple connections and you can use the power of the most modern technology to see on the included color monitor the beauty and wonder of Feb 13, 2012 Just received the Revolution Imager R2 from Orange County Telescope. This is the replacement for the now out of stock original Revolution Imager which included an entry level video camera and all necessary accessories in one complete package. More Revolution Imager Tests. In my main review I discussed some problems with the battery charger and charging state. For some reason when I connected the charger to an AC extension cord the charger always showed a green LED when it was charging , or so I thought.

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