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2019-11-13 02:20

The longawaited MyPhone A919 Duo has roamed around peoples imaginations for several weeks now so were here to cut all the doubt. We showed you a teaser photo of the A919 before but this time we are very glad to present you the official details of the MyPhone A919 Duo as we finally got the word from the folks at MyPhone.Dec 28, 2012 Home; Gadget Promos; Android Pricelist 2017; GbSb TOP 7; Contact; Privacy Policy a888 vs a919 specs

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I know all the specs of the a919 and i can say its really an awesome phone, yet affordable even compared to others like lenovo. 4. 3 phones on fastcardtech have better specs, in terms of ram and rom, based on my observations. nowadays, ICS phones from Dec 21, 2012 MyPhone A888 DUO vs StarMobile CRYSTAL Price, Features and Specs Comparison Price: MyPhone A888 DUO is selling at P7, 499 while CRYSTAL is priced at more expensive P7, 990. A price difference of P491 but A888 DUO price is only introductory and on limited stocks.a888 vs a919 specs A compromise between a larger viewing screen and handiness this is what MyPhone A888 Duo offers. At 4. 5, its qHD InPlane Switching (IPS) Capacitive Touch makes drafting SMS and emails, web browsing, and photo and video viewing easier (and clearer) on the eyes.

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This is Mobile info Reviews Blog where you can see Mobile info videos. You can see here video About Mobile info, Mobile Reviews, Mobile Brands, Mobile Hard a888 vs a919 specs Nov 17, 2012 MyPhone A919 Duo vs. MyPhone A898 Duo: Specs Fight! The MyPhone A919 duo and therefore the MyPhone A898 duo each are among the foremost hype android smartphones as a result of their specs and price. Jan 03, 2013  A comprehensive, detailed& uptodate blog about android phones& tablets information which includes definite information on specs& price that are readily available in the market today. Jun 13, 2014  MYPHONE TVOUT CABLE compatible for A848, A878, A888, A898 and A919 model for only P140. 00 cell. no. pickup only at savemore MyPhone just dropped another unexpected bomb! While Filipinos were having a hard time choosing between MyPhone A919 and A898, they just unveiled another one which was oddly named as MyPhone A888 Duo. Check out its full specs and features after the break.

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