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Aug 02, 2012 Yamaha FJ1200 Model history. The FJ started life as a 1100cc Superbike, or so Yamaha thought but Kawasaki had a secret weapon awaiting in the wings, the ground breaking GPz900, effectively rendering the FJ impotent as an all out sports bike.Yamaha FJ 1200: review, history, specs. From BikesWiki. com, Japanese Motorcycle Encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Class: sporttouring ENGINE Type Aircooled 4stroke Cylinder arrangement 4cylinders inline Bore& Stroke 77, 0 x 63, 8 mm (3, 032 x 2, 512 in) Displacement fj1200 engine specs

FJ1200. In 1986 Yamaha decided to upgrade the FJ1100 by increasing the engine displacement slightly and adding upgraded suspension and other components. The result was the FJ1200. The peak power output was raised slightly to 130 bhp (97 kW) from the FJ1100s 125 bhp (93 kW), [citation needed the

Yamaha FJ 1200 3SK1 3SK2: Year: 1992 93: Engine: Kawasaki GPZ1100I vs Yamaha FJ1200. by Simon Hargrevious. Once the engine has used up its King Grunt getting the considerable FJ bulk rolling, slowing it down again is the responsibility of Yamaha's ABS. It works like this: sensors on the front and rear discs work out when either Engine and frame developments gave us bikes like the GPZ900R in '84 and the GSXR750 in '85. Now we've got the GPZ1000RX, GSXR1100 and the FJ1200 all big brothers of stars from earlier seasons. The GPZ is a brand new machine.fj1200 engine specs Engine. Lets face it, the FJ has a monster engine. The FJ power is so smooth and tractable that some don't realize how fast they can be until they learn to wind it out properly. checked that the diaphragm spring from the FJR1300 is a beefed up version of our own FJ1200's. I have no tested this solution myself. Clutch master cylinder

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Engine and transmission; Displacement: 1188. 00 ccm (72. 49 cubic inches) Compare technical specs. And check out the rating of the bike's engine performance You can compare the rating with other bikes. Rating sample for this Yamaha bike: Reliability for the 1990 Yamaha FJ 1200: (90. 2 out of 100) Click here for complete rating. You can fj1200 engine specs The 2019 Toyota Fj Cruiser Engine Specs and Release Date definitely features the vibe of the legendary Toyota FJ Cruiser. With its combination of rugged look and boxy shape, it should attract many car enthusiasts. While the Toyota FJ Cruiser was a classic offroad vehicle with a retro look, new model combines its rugged nature with practicality. Back to yamaha Motorcycle Specs Index Page 1990 Yamaha FJ1200. MANUFACTURER SPECIFICATIONS. Model Yamaha FJ1200 1990 Motorcycle Style: Sport touring. ENGINE SPECS Engine 1, 188cc (72. 5 cu in), 4stroke, fourcylinder, aircooled, inline Power 125 bhp (93 kW) @ 8, 500rpm Bore Stroke 77. 0 63. 8 mm (3. 03 2. 51 in) Compression Ratio 9. 7: 1 The Yamaha FJ 1200 model is a Sport touring bike manufactured by Yamaha. In this version sold from year 1992, the dry weight is and it is equiped with a Inline four, fourstroke motor. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 130. 00 HP (94. 9 kW) @ 9000 RPM and a maximum torque of.

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