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2019-09-18 06:27

Cessna Aircraft Aircraft Performance Specifications Notice: Data is provided as a guide at users risk and is not intended for flight planning purposes! Consult theCessna 182S Skylane Performance and Specifications. Performance Standard Specifications. SPEED Maximum at Sea Level. . 145 KTS Cruise, 80 Power at 6000 Ft. . 140 KTS. CRUISE. Using recommended lean mixture with fuel allowance for engine start, taxi, 2019 cessna 182s specs

The Cessna Skylane is powered by the latest technology in integrated cockpit avionics, the Garmin G1000 NXi. With an improved graphical interface, more powerful hardware, higher resolution displays, added functionality to improve situational awareness, and optional wireless technology, managing the flight deck has never been easier.

The Cessna 182 Skylane is an American fourseat, singleengined light airplane, built by Cessna of Wichita, Kansas. It has the option of adding two child seats, installed in the baggage area. Introduced in 1956, the 182 has been produced in a number of variants, including a version with retractable landing gear, and is the second most popular Cessna's new turbocharged T182T. From a few tiedowns away, the new turbocharged Cessna T182T doesn't look much different from the 182S that debuted in 1997.2019 cessna 182s specs The model designation nomenclature differs from some other Cessna models with optional retractable gear. For instance the retractable version of the Cessna 172 was designated as the 172RG, whereas the retractable gear version of the Cessna 182 is the R182. Cessna gave the R182 the marketing name of

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The basic 182 model became available in 1956. In 1957, the Skylane model appeared, differences being in the level of equipment on board. As more avionics, larger fuel capacities and better accommodations were incorporated, the airplanes got heavier, necessitating max gross weight increases. 2019 cessna 182s specs 1998 Cessna 182S Skylane N756M; 1980 Cessna 172RG Cutlass N6401V; FlyThisSim TouchTrainer VisX; 2015 Cessna 182T Skylane. This Beautiful, Fully Loaded, One Owner Skylane Includes Electric AC, TAWSB, Traffic Advisory System, and Much More! All Specifications and Claims subject to Buyer's verification. ACCs Sample Report includes prepopulated data based on the aircrafts make and model and is for discussion purposes only. ACC makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy of the ACC Sample Report data presented. Cessna is a marque brand globally and the 182T is the flagship option for private ownership. The Turbo expands the envelope and helps raise the safety and performance of what is arguably the worlds best single engine piston aircraft. The second, a Beechcraft King Air 300LW, was an impossible taskafter five brokerage firms unsuccessfully tried, Performance Aircraft delivered! They understand the market, the people involved, and have so much integrity with both sides of the transaction.

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