Dc2 type r engine specs

2019-08-22 03:42

All Honda Integra 3rdgen. TypeR Coupe versions offered for the year 1998 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars Quick access to automobilecatalog website type in a browser: ac. li. and you will be redirected. The most efficient way to navigate through our huge database and compare cars side byThe JDM B18c Type R found in the 9500 JDM Honda integra type R DC2& DB8(200hp). The JDM B18c found in the 9598 JDM Honda Integra SiRSiR II DB8, DC2& 9899 SiRG DB8, DC2 (180HP). The B18C1 USDM 9401 GSR DC2DB8 (170hp). dc2 type r engine specs

This guide includes information relating to the external features, interior features, paint colours, mechanical features and of course the engine and chassis numbers applicable to the DC2DB8 JDM Integra Type R.

How can the answer be improved? The DC2 Type R was the only Type R ever sold in North America with the Acura badge. For the European, Australian and New Zealand market the DC2 was sold as a Honda. The JDM DC2 Type R received significant upgrades in 1998 and is known as the '98 Spec R.dc2 type r engine specs Honda Type R DC2 Integra Type R. In 1995, Honda introduced their first Integra Type R to US Integra Type R. The Type R was introduced as a 1997 model to the US market under DC2 Type R Weight Comparison. The below table shows the weight gainslosses due to DC5 Integra Type R. The DC5 Type

Dc2 type r engine specs free

home all jdm parts engines jdm b18c integra type r dohc vtec engine motor only lb itr dc2 b18 b16 b20 b17 long block jdm b18c integra type r dohc vtec engine motor only lb itr dc2 b18 b16 b20 b17 long block return to previous page dc2 type r engine specs Sep 13, 2008 All the JDM Integra Type Rs came with a OBD2A ecu, you can search in ebay for a apexi power fc and in the description of the item you'll find this: NEW APEXi POWER FC COMMANDER for Honda DC2 Integra type R B18C Engine 1995 SEP 2001 JUN Therefore, Integra Type R is a very memorable car in his life and J's Racing spent a lot of time for the research and development of Integra DC2 Type R. J's Racing participates in the national series year after year with the philosophy that actual racing is always extremely important as a ground for testing, developing, and getting feedback for Feb 08, 2016  Engine optimisation rating 93. The Honda Integra Type R (DC2) has a naturally aspirated four cylinders in line transverse front engine with a maximum power outpup of 190PS available at 8000 rpm, and a maximum torque of 178Nm available from 7300 rpm, transmitted to the 15 t by a manual 5 speeds gearbox. When the Type R's tach hits 5700 rpm (or even less, depending on throttle position), the VTEC system switches over from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde with an audible blare, and the engine sets about

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