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Not sure what year this bass is but I've had it for about 10 years and bought it used. It is an earlier model with a dark walnut 'skunk stripe' on the back of the neck.REVEREND. Product: bass guitars; Dates of manufacture: 1999 to 2004. Production of the RUMBLEFISH 5L BASS began in 1999 and ended in 2004. Specifications. Add or edit REVEREND RUMBLEFISH 5L BASS specs. Prices (0) Take the REVEREND RUMBLEFISH 5L BASS price survey. Reviews (0) Write a review. Gallery (0) Upload your REVEREND RUMBLEFISH 5L BASS reverend rumblefish specs

The first bass produced by Reverend is known as the Rumblefish . It is of the Fender style with two jazz pickups. The controls are the standard two volume, and a master tone control.

May 07, 2012 A review of my main bass, the Reverend Rumblefish XL. The bass didn't come out as loud as I would have liked; all that clicking is the microphone picking up interference instead of the bass itself. Apr 08, 2018 More info on the Made in USA, first generation Reverend Rumblefish XL basses (from revfan. com Reverend Rumblefish Bass): Rumblefish XL 141 Instruments The Rumblefish XL is similar to the regular Rumblefish, except that the XL version has a volume pot, a tone pot and a 3way minitoggle switch that allows the 2 passive Jazz Bass stylereverend rumblefish specs Reverend Musical Instruments, commonly known as Reverend Guitars, is an American manufacturer of electric guitars. The company was established in 1997 by noted guitar and amplifier technician Joe Naylor, a graduate of the RobertoVenn School of Luthiery. Reverend guitars are known for their combination of unorthodox construction methods, retro design, playability and affordable price.

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Aug 29, 2003 Reverend Rumblefish vs. Fender Jazz Discussion in 'Basses [BG' started by Braksvenne, Aug 26, 2003. reverend rumblefish specs The Rumblefish is an electric bass model from Reverend Guitars, out of Michigan. This is a striking semiacoustic in the best tradition of Danos and Silvertones, but has the finesse and feel of a 2, 000 guitar really impressive ergonomic body design, light and resonant due to its hollow design and phenolic composition, with twin jazztype pickups and a definite 50s vibe. Reverend Ken checks in and tells us, They call me reverend because of the bass I play, a Moroccan Gold Reverend Rumblefish PJ. It isn't just any GLD PJ, either according to Joe Naylor, who I spoke to when I purchased it from the factory in 2003, it is the very bass used for the Bass Player review that year. Reverend basses are back, but are now being produced in a highend Korean factory rather than their US headquarters. The designs and specs still spring from the brain of Reverends founder Joe Naylor, who aimed for seasoned woods, tight tolerances, and highquality components. INVENTORY# . BRAND Reverend. MODEL Rumblefish. FUNCTION Bass Guitar. DESCRIPTION This listing is for a 2000 REVEREND Rumblefish R5L Electric Bass Guitar w Hard Case. . Made in USA; Serial# (Zack Green Signature) J Style Pickups, Volume and Tone Controls, 3 position voice switch

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