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Mar 10, 2005 I have some of the stock cam specs for my 1998 L31 (350), these come straight out of the GM Factory Manual 1) Exhaust Lift. 4305 (. 287 Lobe lift x 1. 5 Rocker Ratio) 2) Intake Lift. 417 (. 278 Lobe Lift x 1. 5 Rocker Ratio) I do not have duration or centerline specs, though I am sure htey are mild.Jan 07, 2019 NEW 350 (5. 7) CHEVY ROLLER CAMSHAFT This (NOS) new roller camshaft is out of the vortec engine made for marine applications. It comes with the fuel pump lobe so that it can be used for the fuel injected or carburated applications. This is a new take out camshaft. GM part# . Specs are a little better than normal Gm stock roller cams. l31 cam specs

stock compression on the L31 255hp stock and is 9: 1 I believe, maybe 9. 5: 1. THey do have factory roller cams, the cam you listed looks like a regular flat tappet. If

Alright, so I'm putting together Dad's 99 L31. I had put head gasketsfixed a cracked head, put it together in the truck, ran it 40 miles and the rods started knocking. Severe oil starvation from lack of maintenance. Increased power for your 1996 to 2000 350ci Chevy Vortec 5700 V8 engine Our engine started as a stock L31 with 65, 000 miles on it. We had added a custom intake tube that runs to dual UMPl31 cam specs Dec 25, 2018 Also, stock L31 short blocks do not have zero deck height. I believe the piston tops are. 015 down in the hole from the top at top dead center. Might be. 020. Someone else will have to confirm. This will lower your compression figures by a few tenths.

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Jan 24, 2007 L31 Vortec project Cam suggestions Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by dwright406, Jan 22, 2007. l31 cam specs Aug 23, 2010 I've got a 99 Suburban with the L31 5. 7 vortec engine. These motors seem to really stop breathing after 4k RPMs. What's really holding them back? Vortec heads are known for good flow and after opening up the EFI intake, it seems to me that it should flow to 5500 RPMs. The L31 Vortec head can be used on any SBC engine from 1955 through the end of Vortec production, with the exception of the Gen 2 LT1LT4 engines used in some vehicles between 1992'97. They are also not compatible with any of the current LS engines. Chevrolet L31 Engine Specs by Anne Davis Unlike other 5. 7liter V8s that GM manufactures, the L31 features cylinder heads that are compatible with older models, making it a popular upgrade. Jul 11, 2006 Could a moderator please make this a sticky. I figured this should clear up some of the multiple posts just asking the specs. I'll be adding more info relating to cams and cam swaps, but this should be a good starter.

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