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Fadjr3 Fajr3 RAAD 240mm multiple rocket launcher system technical data sheet specifications description information intelligence identification pictures photos video Iran Iranian army defence industry military technology. The 240 mm Fadjr3 unguided artillery rocket is 5. 2 m long and weighs 407 kg. Spin stabilisation is employed, withThe M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) is an Americandeveloped battlefield support weapon produced by Lockheed Martin Vought. It is based on the lengthened chassis of the M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) to form the M993 Multiple Launch Rocket System carrier unit to which the installed launcher component is the M270. fajr 5 rocket specs

The world class Fajr5 is a solid fuel, nonfixed wing, 333mm rocket designed and optimised for artillery missions to hit enemy's command and control, logistic, radar, communication, economic and

The shelf life of a basic Fajr5 rocket is 15 years. Twostage rocket. Iran produces a twostage Fajr5 rocket with extended range. The twostage Fajr5 rocket has a length of 9. 4 m and a maximum range of 180 km at sea level. Nov 05, 2015 iran israel war 2006. Hezbollah releases never seen before footage from the ambush that sparked the 2006 Lebanon war Duration: 2: 09. i24NEWS 103, 179 viewsfajr 5 rocket specs The Fadjr5 is an Iranian made 333mm multiple rocket launcher system. This vehicle has been developed by the Shahid Bagheri Industries division of the Aerospace Industries Organization of Iran and uses the same chassis as the Fadjr3 240 mm (12round) artillery rocket system. The Fajr5 missile, which is launched from a mobile platform, reportedly has a range of 75 kilometers.

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The Fajr5 (Persian: , meaning dawn5 ) is an artillery rocket developed by Iran in the 1990s. The system is part of the Fajr family of rockets. The system is part of the Fajr family of rockets. fajr 5 rocket specs The Fajr3 (rarely Fadjr3) (Persian: ) is an Iranian heavy 240 mm intermediaterange multiplelaunch artillery rocket (MLRS). The Fajr3 is a licensebuilt copy, with slight modifications, of a North Korean MLRS called the M1985. The Fajr3 was introduced in the 1990s and has since been exported to Hamas and Hezbollah. Description: The Fajr 5 is a 333mm surfacetosurface, longrange artillery rocket with a maximum range of 75 kilometers. According to PressTV this new weapon was test fired for the first time by Iran's Ground Forces in March 2013. The 333mm Fajr 5 is an Iranian developed longrange unguided rocket used by Hezbollah and Hamas. Hamas has also produced a indigenous copy called the M75. Fajr5 ( Fajr translating to Dawn ). Both are influenced by foreign supplies North Korea and China, respectively and differ in their caliber of battlefield rocket, 240mm versus 333mmm, respectively. The Fajr3 is detailed elsewhere on this site. The Fajr5 is the focus of this particular article.

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