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2019-09-18 23:41

The R121 Live is a ruggedized version of our popular R121 ribbon microphone. The studio R121 is tough and has been used on the road for years, but the increased durability of the R121 Live gives FOH engineers greater confidence in the ribbon standing up to the rigors of the road.Electronic Musician Royer R101 Ribbon Microphone Review By Myles Boisen. Gearwire Royer R101 Ribbon Microphone Review By Matt Boudreau: How Does This LessExpensive Royer Compare To HighEnd Ribbon Mics? Mix Royer R101 Passive Ribbon Mic Review by Kevin Becka. Audio Media Royer Labs R101 by Alistair McGhee. Recording Review Royer LAbs R101 Ribbon Microphone royer r121 specs

55 rows  The R121 redefined ribbon microphones so completely that Recording Magazine wrote

Enter Royer. The R121 takes advantage of modern, tighttolerance machining technologies to make its housings and modern, highfieldstrength magnetic materials to make its magnets. The result is a classic ribbon mic in a very compact housing. R121. The basic design of the Royer R121 is fairly conventional as ribbon microphones go, despite the adoption of sophisticated modern materials. A 2. 5mthick purealuminium ribbon is supported between the poles of a powerful rareearth neodymium magnet assembly.royer r121 specs The Royer R121 is a radically redesigned ribbon microphone and Royer's flagship product. Like most ribbons, the Royer R121's pattern is figure 8, its sensitivity is roughly equal to a good dynamic mic, and it exhibits a warm, realistic tone and flat frequency response.

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Jan 30, 2014 Guitar Center's Product Spotlight showcases the Royer R212 Ribbon Microphone. Check it out at any Guitar Center store or online: http: bit. ly1nsoeP3. royer r121 specs Royer Labs R121 Bidirectional Ribbon Microphone. The Royer R121 is a passive ribbon microphone with an innovative offset ribbon placement that gives the two sides of Although the R121 is classed as Royers flagship microphone, I think the R122 MkII is actually the better option in many situations. I prefer its slightly tighter and crisper sound quality, and there is no doubt that it is a more versatile and flexible mic when it comes to partnering preamps. The Royer R121 is the finest, smoothest mic for electric guitar. This mic is has two distinctive sounds, depending on which side you point it. It's like having two completely unique View and Download Royer R121 operation instructions manual& user manual online. Ribbon Velocity Microphone. Operation instructions manual& user manual 19 pages. 1. Microphone Royer R101 Brochure& Specs. Ribbonvelocity studio microphone (2 pages)

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